A Guide to Your First Year at UW Bothell

Week 6 - Choosing A Major

choosing a major




  • February _____ - FAFSA night at UWB, UW1-120, 5:40-7:00pm (date to be determined)
  • February 28th – Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be filled out by this date. You must list the "University of Washington" Code #003798.
  • Check this guide to completing financial aid information


"What do I want to major in?

“What type of work would I enjoy most after graduation?"
These are two different questions.


The career center provides first year students with some great information about choosing a major.


We asked Career Counselor Kim Wilson for some insight:


  • What do you tell students who ask when they need to decide on a major – Your sophomore year should be dedicated to exploring careers, interests and skills to help guide your choice of major.  We tell them their first 90 credits are dedicated to lower division courses and 90 more credits to upper division. You should be working on your major in your last 90 credits and should choose a major by that time. 105 credits is the cap for being undeclared. 
  • What do you tell students who ask how to decide on a major – We walk them through many of the resources below (depending on the conversation). We tell them if they know what they want to do for a career, research that career and determine the degree/education needed. We also will show them the degrees listed and encourage them to research ones of interest, looking at the description, and courses. 


Below is a list of resources that the career center provides students who are contemplating which major to go into. You also have the option to make an appointment with the career center by visiting their website.


Career Exploration Course

This course addresses personal, educational and career choices. We will read about, discuss and reflect on the work world, career options, academic pathways and the process of selecting a major and/or career path. You will research and gather information, assess your strengths and weaknesses, and learn how to make quality career decisions. This will involve career exploration, life/career planning, identifying resources, and developing goals based on individual preferences, skills, life and work values and interests. Sample syllabus.


Career Assessments

Assessments help you to discover a sense of direction. They assist you in discovering more about whom you are and how you can express your uniqueness in a challenging and rewarding career.

Career Decision Pyramid

Not sure where to start, then start here. Follow the Career Decision Pyramid to discover where you are in regards to your career choices.

Turn Majors into Careers

Find out what UW Bothell alumni are doing! UWB alumni have words of wisdom for you as you investigate careers, start your job search, network and connect. Real Huskies share their Real Careers.

Career Guide

The Career Guide is a resource for students in different stages of career planning and decision making. It provides information on job search strategies, resume preparation, internships and researching graduate school.

What Can I Do With This Major?

This series of links and handouts provides an excellent starting point for you to think about job titles, possible employers, and ways to build experience in different career fields. Explore multiple majors to learn about a wide range of career opportunities.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call the CUSP office and one of our Student Assistants would be more than glad to help you out. Our phone number is 425-352-3427. We are located in UW1-173 (It is not a room, but an open space).

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Additional resources for occupational information and educational preparation needed:

  • WOIS – The Washington Career Information System http://www.wois.org/ site key from off campus through September 2014 myh623
  • ONET Online http://www.onetonline.org/ A tool for career exploration and job analysis - has detailed descriptions of the world of work for use by job seekers, workforce development and HR professionals, students, and researchers

choosing a major