A Guide to Your First Year at UW Bothell

Week 8 - Hang in There!

week 8 hang in there

holly the huskyWe’ve reached week 8 and you’re doing great! With midterms over, let’s review some things to keep in mind as we push towards the end of the quarter.

*The last day to change to or from S/NS is November 12th.

*Deadlines for final projects / papers are right around the corner! Working on them now will reduce your stress during finals week.

*Do some self-reflection. Are you sticking to the schedule you created in week 1? What have you accomplished so far? What are you proud of? Are there any habits you wish to adjust during these last few weeks?

*Consider finding a study group or partner. It’s not too late to create one. Working together is more efficient and it’s a great way to make new friends! Keep an eye out for Cram Sessions hosted by ASUWB in the library.

*Don’t forget to take care of yourself. You’ve been working hard this quarter and deserve time each day dedicated to you. Come distress in the Reflection Room in UW1-380. This room is dedicated to serving the five areas of wellness: intellectual, spiritual, emotional, social and physical.

*Let yourself get enough sleep. Everyone is different, but most people need at least 8 hours a night to feel their best. Pulling all-nighters can actually hurt more than help.

*Take advantage of the great resources here on campus such as the Writing and Communication Center, Quantitative Skills Center and Student Success Services.

For more tips, resources and information, visit the first year and pre-major student website.

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