A Guide to Your First Year at UW Bothell

Week 7 - Register for Winter Quarter

week 7 register for winter quarter

Holly the husky


  • November 16-17
    • Sophomore (45+ credits) registration begins
    • See your MyUW for your registration start date
  • November 17
    • Deadline for switching grading to S/NS (with a $20 fee)
    • Deadline for late course drop (with a $20 fee)
  • November 19-20
    • First Year (less than 45 credits) registration begins
    • See your MyUW for your registration start date


This week's questions:

I have a super quick question! Who do I ask?

  • Come in to the Student Success Center (UW1-160) to visit our Peer Advisors for Quick Questions!
  • If they can’t answer your question, they’ll be able to set you up with the people who can.
  • You can also send an email to your Orientation Leader. They have

I have a bigger question; who should I talk to and how do I make an appointment?

Follow the links below to make an appointment for these free services:

  • Career Center – These folks in the Student Success Center (UW1-160) can help you search for jobs or internships that can help boost your productivity and improve your résumé.
  • Counseling Services – If you’re feeling stressed and aren’t sure who to turn to, the professional counselors in UW1-080 are available by appointment to help you out.
  • Academic Advising – If you have questions about your academic plan or preparing for your major application, make an appointment with our advisors.

If you have questions you don’t see on here, feel free to stop in at our Quick Questions Drop-In Advising. We’re in the Student Success Center (UW1-160) 9am to 3pm Monday-Friday.

You can also reach us through email or by phone:

(425) 352-3427