A Guide to Your First Year at UW Bothell

Week 7 - Register for Winter Quarter

week 7 register for winter quarter

Holly the huskyIt’s time to register for winter quarter! Let’s figure out when registration opens for you. If you haven’t already done so, consider making an appointment with an Advisor to talk about classes.

How your registration date is selected
While there are multiple factors that decide when your registration date will be, students who are closest to graduating will be able to register first. This ensures they get the necessary credits to graduate on time. You will love this rule later in your college career.

Quick Questions: 10 Minute Walk-In Appointments

Advisors often schedule drop-in advising before registration starts. Feel free to call their office at 425-352-3427 to find out the specific times for each week.

How to Register:

  • Find your registration date. Have your student number handy and see where you fall on the schedule. You can register as early as 6:00am on your registration day, and most students set an alarm to register at this time. Courses fill up quickly, so consider signing up at 6:00am. (You can always go back to bed after.)
  • Pick out your schedule ahead of time. Consider writing down the SLN numbers of the courses you plan to take. This way, you just have to type in the numbers and hit “register”. Also write down some alternate courses to use as backups, just in case a class you want is full.
  • If a course you want is full, keep an eye on it. There are no waitlists but students often change their schedules before the first day of the quarter. You can sign up for Notify.UW to receive alerts when a seat opens up in a specific course. Don’t forget, you can change your schedule around as much as you want before the quarter begins!
  • If you are asked for an add code while adding a course, this simply means you must first speak with the instructor and get their permission. You can download an add code form for CUSP courses online, and once the professor has signed them, bring them to an Advisor.
  • Co-requisite: If a course you are trying to add says co-requisite, this means you must take an additional course in the same quarter. To add these types of courses, you must input both SLN numbers at the same time before hitting the register button.
  • Once you have your schedule, print a copy to carry around with you. This way, you will have easy access to the times and locations during your first week.

*Priority I registration for winter quarter begins November 8th.

*The deadline for changing a courses grading option to S/NS is coming up on November 12th. Make sure you see your Advisor before making this change!

For more tips, resources and information, visit the first year and pre-major student website.

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