A Guide to Your First Year at UW Bothell

Week 6 - Check Your Grades

week 6 check your grades

holly the huskyYou’ve likely complete some mid-terms by now, and with those grades you should have an idea of how well you’re doing in your classes. If you’re not sure, go see your professors during office hours.

If you’re happy with your grades, great! Keep up the good work. If not, there still may be time to do something about it:

  • Consider meeting with the professor. Ask them what you can do to improve your grades. Ask for specifics. “Study harder” doesn’t tell you what to specifically focus on.
  • Consider using the resources on campus. Your tuition pays for it, so why not use it? Student Success Services, the Writing and Communication Center, and the Quantitative Skills Center.
  • Think about joining a study group or even creating one. It’s likely you aren’t the only person in class who wants to get their grades up. Talk with your classmates or ask your professor if any study groups have formed.

What if you are giving a class your best effort, but are still worried about your grade and how it will affect your GPA? There are a couple options and your adviser can make help you choose the right one. Make sure to speak with an adviser before going forward with these options.

  • Changing your grade from the 4.0 scale to Satisfactory / Not Satisfactory. An S/NS will not affect your GPA however, it may affect your ability to sign up for future courses. Talk with your adviser first because S/NS graded courses may not be used to satisfy major or general education requirements.
  • Withdraw from the course. This option should be a last resort if you, your professor and adviser believe you’re not likely to pass. Talk with your adviser first as this option can affect financial aid status. If granted, a grade of “W” will appear on your transcript and this will not affect your GPA.

Upcoming Deadlines:

  • You must schedule and attend your mandatory frosh advising appointment before registering for classes.
  • The deadline for switching grading to S/NS is November 12th
  • The deadline to withdraw is December 6th

For more tips, resources and information, visit the first year and pre-major student website.

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