A Guide to Your First Year at UW Bothell

Week 1 - Organize

holly the husky

Welcome to your first week as a University of Washington Bothell Student. You will be presented with a lot of new information this week including due dates, events, student resources and more. Let’s make a plan to organize this information and stay on track in the coming weeks.

Creating a plan may seem like a lot of work. Doing it now will save you time and reduce stress later on in the quarter, especially during midterms and finals.

Each instructor will pass out a packet called a syllabus for their class. This packet contains information such as course expectations, grading scales and important due dates.

Grab your syllabus for each course and a planning tool such as your academic planner, a desk calendar or an electronic calendar.

  1. Mark your calendar with all deadlines from your courses for the whole quarter (assignments, exams, finals).
    • If using an electronic calendar, consider setting alerts for important due dates.
  2. Next, mark time dedicated to work, sports or any activity with a time commitment.
  3. Now choose several time blocks each week dedicated to studying. Write these times down and stick to the study schedule! Creating a routine will prevent you from falling behind in class.
  4. Finally, block out some time for fun! Relaxing will help you stay focused.

Consider how you will organize your class notes and materials. If you need assistance with this, Student Success Services can help you find a strategy that works best for you.

Make sure you have all required textbooks.

Did you setup your UW email to forward all messages to an email address you frequently check? If not, check out last week’s letter for step by step instructions.

Now that we have a plan, let’s review some of the activities and resources available to you.

  • Join a Club – September 25th marks the beginning of Autumn Quarter. On the 25th, clubs will host booths on campus where you can speak to current members and learn about their activities. You can also join or start a club later on in the year.
  • Recreation – Meet your recreational and wellness needs by using the new sports and recreation field, signing up for intramural activities, participating in fitness classes or visiting the student fitness center.
  • Academic Advising – As a first year student, the Advisors in the CUSP office are here to serve your needs. Stay in contact with them and don’t hesitate to make an appointment. You can also contact their office at 425-352-3427 or cuspadvising@uwb.edu.
  • Personal Counseling – Students have access to free, confidential, short-term counseling for a wide range of personal concerns such as anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, and adjustment issues.

Take a few minutes to explore the campus and find some hidden gems like the wellness room on the third floor of UW1 and potential study areas.

*Reminder: Tuition is due for all registered students by October 11th.

Contact Financial Aid for information on tuition assistance, scholarships and loans.

For more tips, resources and information, visit the first year and pre-major student website.

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