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The SR-522/I-405 exit ramp to the south entrance of the UW Bothell/Cascadia CC campus will be closed beginning Wednesday, Sept. 17 until further notice. Drivers are advised to take the Beardslee exit (195th street) as an alternative.


Center for University Studies and Programs (CUSP)

Course Scheduling Resources

Quarterly Schedule of Pre-major Courses by Time Block (PDF)

This is a list of all courses open to pre-majors across the campus, listing courses by days and time block. This tool is especially useful for students who have time constraints.

Projected Annual Time Schedule for Pre-majors (PDF)

The 2012-2013 projected annual schedule for pre-majors includes 100 and 200-level classes that apply towards fulfilling general education and prerequisite requirements toward various majors at UW Bothell.

Projected Annual Time Schedule for Freshmen (PDF)

The 2012-2013 projected annual schedule for freshmen and Academic Transition Program (ATP) participants specifically lists the Discovery Core options for the year as well as specific courses for students participating in ATP.

Please go to the Time Schedule for the most updated 2011-2012 class information:

The 2013-2014 Projected Annual Time Schedules for both freshmen and Pre-majors will be available in late July.