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CUSP Academic Alert

There are several areas throughout the UW system where faculty can report or ask for assistance with students who are experiencing academic or personal difficulties.  It can be a challenge to know where to report issues. To assist you in reporting to the correct entity, we have provided links to each area. However, if at any time you need assistance please contact Susan Vinson, Acting Assistant Director for CUSP Student Success and Advising at 425-352-3427 or unless there is immediate danger or an emergency situation.

In case of EMERGENCY or imminent threat: Call 911 and Campus Safety at 425.352.2222.

Where to Report Student Concerns

Submitting a CUSP Academic Alert

The Academic Alert is designed for CUSP faculty to report CUSP students who are experiencing academic difficulty.  Through the Academic Alert Report, you may request to have a CUSP Staff member speak with the student or you may request a consultation with the Student Success Coordinator.  If you teach for other academic departments, please report your concerns to the CARE Team or your academic school or program.   

The CARE Team Addresses Concerns about “Well-being” Regarding All Students on Campus

Concerns about “well-being” include but are not limited to, concerns about behavior, mood, or decline in academic performance.  Additional examples may be found in the guide, “Identifying and Responding to Students in Distress”. The CARE Team often serves as an approachable gateway to mental health counseling, student conduct, and other relevant services as well as early intervention with at-risk students. The CARE Team responds to consultation requests within one business day. For more information on The UW Bothell CARE Team, click here.


Call SafeCampus when your concerns relate to do with violence prevention, such as domestic violence situations or potential threats to the safety of anyone on our campus: (425) 352-SAFE (7233). SAFE Campus is available 24 hours per day. For more information on SafeCampus, click here.

Student Misconduct Including Issues of Plagiarism and Academic Dishonesty

When faculty suspect academic misconduct, three steps are required to Report Student Misconduct. Once a Student Conduct Incident Report is filed, the Office of Student Services coordinates the conduct process including Student Conduct Hearings held on the UW Bothell campus. For more information concerning student conduct process, click here.


Submit Academic Alert