First Year and Pre-Major Program

Nola Mae Moore


Nola Mae Moore, M.D. – Dr. Moore (currently retired) has been an Emeritus Clinical Professor at the University of Washington Medical School Department of Family Medicine, and before that spent many years in practice as a Board Certified AAFP. She holds an M.D. and an M.S. in Pulmonary Physiology from the University of Wisconsin Medical School at Madison, Wisconsin. She has published numerous articles in the medical field, and has served on several state boards and commissions, including the Governor’s Commission on Alcoholism, and the Governors Family Practice Residency Program Advisory Board, and has in addition been the President of the King County Academy of Family Practice. Dr. Moore is the first female President of the King County Medical Association, the first female Trustee on the Washington State Medical Association (WSMA), and the first female WSMA Judicial Council member where she has also served as Chairman.