Cultural Studies


The Master of Arts in Cultural Studies degree provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in three areas:  

  • Professional careers in community-based arts, culture, advocacy, education, and social service organizations
  • Freelance, practice-based work
  • Further academic study in the interdisciplinary arts, humanities, and social sciences

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The Cultural Studies program provides students with a rich toolkit of skills and vital network of relationships to enhance their future careers.  Students are encouraged to draw from their own strengths and experiences to develop a career path unique to their passions and interests. 

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Organizational and Entrepreneurial Pathways

The Cultural Studies program emphasizes liberal arts skills such as critical thinking, research and analysis, writing and speaking, philosophical and ethical analysis, and historical and cultural understandings. These facets lay an excellent foundation for careers within a range of arts and cultural fields.  Job titles include: 

  • Cultural Researcher
  • Documentary Filmmaker
  • Program Manager
  • Program Developer
  • Media Producer
  • Museum Administrator
  • Educator
  • Artist
  • Social Advocate
  • Cross-Cultural Trainer
  • Community Outreach Coordinator
  • Executive Director

Academic Pathways

student presenting in professional attireThe MA in Cultural Studies is a natural launching point into PhD programs. Many of our graduates pursue advanced study within a variety of disciplines with the goal of teaching and researching in academic institutions. For example, past students are now enrolled in doctoral programs in Communication, English, Leadership Studies, and Women Studies.

For those interested in further academic study, these resources address the PhD discernment process and provide advice on searching and applying for doctoral programs:
  • The Chronicle of Higher Education contains many articles concerning academic careers. Browse The Chronicle for information, opinions and advice around trends in academia.
  • The UW Seattle Career Center hosts a series of guides for students pursuing Academic Careers. While geared toward current PhD students, these resources contain useful tips and insights.

As a way of gaining academic experience, students are encouraged to pursue academic opportunities such as conferences and journal publications.

The field of Cultural Studies is vast. Students and alumni considering doctoral programs should discuss their research interests and academic goals with faculty members, who have specific knowledge about programs aligned with work undertaken in the Cultural Studies program. Examples of programs that can extend work students completed in the program include:

American Studies, New York University
American Studies, University of Minnesota
American Studies and Ethnicity, University of Southern California
Anthropology, University of California Berkeley
Anthropology, History, and Social Medicine, University of California San Francisco
Communication, University of Pennsylvania
Communication, University of Southern California
Cultural Studies, George Mason University
Cultural Studies, Queen's University, Canada
Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies, University of Washington
Geography, University of British Columbia
Geography, University of California Berkeley
Geography, University of Colorado at Boulder
Geography, University of Washington
Sociology, University of California at Santa Barbara

Contact the Graduate Office if you would like to connect with faculty regarding these particular programs. Additionally,  the Association for Cultural Studies hosts of list of academic programs. Cultural Studies alumni, who are currently enrolled in or have completed PhD programs, may also be available to discuss their experiences. Contact the Graduate Office to pursue this option.

Alumni Stories

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Cultural Studies graduates are working in a variety of roles and sectors. Learn where several of our alumni are now and how the MA in Cultural Studies program has contributed to their career success and personal development.


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Students and alumni can find information on employment, assistantships, and other career resources at UW Bothell Career Services