University of Washington Bothell

Course Information

Time Schedule

Offers time slot and instructor information for coures being currently taught as well as upcoming (tentative) quarters.

Course Descriptions

Read brief synopses of what topics and materials a course will cover throughout the quarter.

Upcoming Special Topics

Each quarter, the subject of each Special Topics class changes. This page gives a brief description of each class/section offered during the current quarter.

Course Syllabi

Updated within the first couple weeks at the beginning of every quarter, the course syllabi page provides the instructors' syllabi for each class being taught for the given quarter.

Courses by Quarter

Contains an outline of CSS courses offered on a quarterly basis. They include CSS required course, CSS electives, as well as CSS course for MIS, IT, and CSS Minors.

Course Prerequisites

Highlights and explains the prerequestisted for some of the CSS courses.