Registration & Add Codes

Registration ‘Best’ Practices

  • Know your registration date, and register early. It’s worth getting up early on the day of registration to ensure you get the schedule that you want.
  • Speak with the CSS advisor before your registration date. This ensures that the classes you will be registering for will meet your degree requirements

CSS 161 & 162 registration tips

  • ‘I tried to register, but I got an error message that I haven’t met the prerequisites’
  • Registration for CSS 161 and CSS 162 require co-enrollment in the CSSSKLS matching section. Please be sure to register for BOTH sections at the SAME TIME.

Registration Restrictions

Depending on your status, you might lack the ability to register in other situations. Please read carefully below. If you have questions, you are welcome to see a CSS advisor in UW1-360.

CSS Majors:

Students who are admitted to CSS may experience registration restrictions through a variety of circumstances, including:

• not having the course prerequisite(s)/co-requisite(s), which can include grade minimums

In most cases, these restrictions are binding. Students who wish to request an exception should see an adviser.

• attempting to repeat a core class

Students must submit a Request to Repeat form to the CSS Advising Office.

Non-Majors and CSS E or IT Minors

CSS courses are mostly restricted to CSS majors only; if you would like to enroll in a CSS course but are not a major, please fill out an add code request form online.

Students will be contacted regarding their add codes during Registration Period 2.