How many students are admitted per year?

About 140: 80-90 in autumn quarter, 10-20 in winter quarter, and 30-40 in spring quarter.

How many people apply to the program?

120-140 in autumn quarter, 20-30 in winter quarter, and 40-60 in spring quarter.

Does this mean it's easier to be admitted in Spring or Winter quarters?

No, we apply the same standards to applicants apply in all quarters.

Is there a minimum GPA for an applicant to be considered?

No, there is not a minimum GPA. Student records are evaluated as described below.

Due to resources, enrollment in the program is limited and admission is competitive. The primary admission criterion is degree of qualification for probable success in the CSS curriculum as evidenced by academic performance, work experience and other factors.

To start the CSS admission process each student is ranked based on his or her prerequisite GPA. Then each student's transcript is checked for a number of other academic trends including the number of repeated classes, number of classes withdrawn, cumulative grade point average, the number of technical classes taken each quarter, trends in grades, the number of hours the student works, and the number of credits per quarter. The admission committee pays close attention to grades in the prerequisite classes (especially programming and math). The committee will also look at other supporting documentation such as the student's goal statement. Information that is considered in the student's goal statement is work experiences, extracurricular activities, and unusual circumstances.

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Can an applicant defer admission to another quarter?

Yes, a student may defer admission for up to two quarters.

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What is the average GPA of students who are admitted to CSS?

CSS typically does not state the average GPA of students admitted to the program. Since an average GPA takes into consideration the highest and lowest GPAs, GPA will not give a true sense of the GPA needed to be admitted. The program does not want to discourage prospective students who may have a GPA lower than the CSS average admission GPA. In addition, grades are not the only criteria considered by the Admission Committee (see additional information in Question #4).

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What is the difference between the Computing and Software Systems program on the Bothell campus and the Computer Science program on the Seattle campus?

The Computing and Software Systems program has an innovative and broad approach to the computer science and software engineering. Our curriculum draws heavily on computer science, but with a greater emphasis on relevant project management and business concepts than would be found in a more traditional computer science degree, such as the Computer Science program on the Seattle Campus. This multidisciplinary approach to our curriculum enables students to develop a wide range of competencies, including oral and written communication and management skills. This makes our graduates well prepared to begin high-tech jobs in any industry due to the breadth of our interdisciplinary curriculum, making them particularly valued in today's marketplace.

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