Clark Olson, Ph.D.

Current Research Project / Areas of Interest

  • Image retrieval and classification
  • Subspace clustering algorithms for large datasets
  • Color descriptors for image keypoints

Subject or Domain Expertise

Computer vision and data clustering

Programming Languages, Tools, Applications, or Hardware/Software of Particular Interest

OpenCV: an open source computer vision library, is of particular interest in my field

Courses Taught at UW Bothell

  • CSS 161: Fundamentals of Computing
  • CSS 162: Programming Methodology
  • CSS 342: Mathematical Principles of Computing
  • CSS 343: Data Structures and Algorithms
  • CSS 475: Database Systems
  • CSS 487: Computer Vision
  • CSS 501: Data Structures and Object-Oriented Programming
  • CSS 587: Advanced Topics in Computer Vision

Selected Publications

  • Clark F. Olson and Andreas O. Robinson. Camera-Aided Human Navigation: Advances and Challenges. In Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Emerging Signal Processing Applications, pages 75-78, January 2012.
  • Clark F. Olson and Habib Abi-Rached, Wide-Baseline Stereo Vision for Terrain Mapping, Machine Vision and Applications, 21(5): 713-725, August 2010.
  • Clark F. Olson and Henry J. Lyons. Simple and Efficient Projective Clustering. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Information Retrieval, pages 45-55, October 2010.
  • Clark F. Olson, Adnan I. Ansar, and Curtis W. Padgett. Robust Registration of Aerial Image Sequences. In Advances in Visual Computing, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 5875 (Fifth International Symposium on Visual Computing), Part II, pages 325-334, November 2009.
  • Clark F. Olson, Larry H. Matthies, John R. Wright, Rongxing Li, and Kaichang Di, Visual Terrain Mapping for Mars Exploration, Computer Vision and Image Understanding, 105(1): 73-85, January 2007.

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Industry Affiliations, Experiences, and Interests

Prior to joining the UW faculty, I worked at the Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL), a NASA lab managed by Caltech. I worked on computer vision applications including Mars rovers, spacecraft navigation, and bomb detection.

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Random Points of Interest

My biggest hobby is playing fantasy sports. I've won the ESPN Uber Challenge twice.

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