Mark Kochanski, Senior Lecturer

Mark Kochanski, M.S.

Mark Kochanski, M.S.
Senior Lecturer

Mark Kochanski is a graduate of Purdue University where he studied both geology and computer sciences leading up to an M.S. in Economic Geology with a computer application-based thesis in 1984. Mark started working in the computing industry during high school in the mid-70s. From the mid-80s through early 90s,Mark worked in the petroleum industry developing application, enterprise, and industry-wide data models, databases, and user-friendly, data-oriented applications. In 1993, Mark started his successful independent consulting company, Albion Technology, which has provided technology expertise and IT support to a variety of business and organizations. In Mark's 25+ years in the computing field, he has provided computing expertise for a variety of companies from Exxon to startups, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and the U.S. Government; worked in a variety of computing environments from palm to mainframe and from standalone to massively distributed; developed from device drivers, database engines, and middleware, to business and technical/scientific applications.

Mark's industry background and on-going experience with clients reinforces Mark's desire to help train quality software developers who can grow into technical leads, software architects, and beyond. Mark's technical interests includes anything database, user-friendly applications, component-based systems, XML, and other technologies that lead to creative solutions to difficult real-world problems.


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Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN
  • M.S. Economic Geology





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Courses Taught

  • BCUSP 116: Washington: A Geologic Story
  • BCUSP 118: Blogs & Wikis
  • CSS 211: Computers and Society
  • CSS 350: Management Principles for Computing Professionals
  • CSS 360: Software Engineering
  • CSS 370: Analysis and Design
  • CSS 411: Computing Technology and Public Policy
  • CSS 430: Operating Systems
  • CSS 475: Database Systems
  • CSS 490s: Several special topics related to internet and database systems
  • CSS 503: Software Engineering Methods
  • CSS 506: Software Development Processes
  • CSS 555: Evaluating Software Design
  • CSS 577: Secure Software Development