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William Erdly, Associate Professor

William Erdly, Ph.D.

William Erdly, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Dr. Erdly is a graduate of the University of Washington where he received his Ph.D. in social/organizational psychology. He has held significant leadership positions in a variety of industry and government technology organizations - and continues his involvement in entrepreneurship and software innovation. This on-going experience serves as a baseline for his research interests in social computing/analytics, human-computer interaction, game design/mechanics, wide area network (WAN) design, computer science research methods, health care informatics and software engineering/project management. He was the founding Director of the CSS program, and currently serves as the Director of the newly launched Interactive Media Design (IMD) degree.


  • Designing and developing social media systems that enhance student learning in such areas as computational thinking, and core STEM concepts
  • Developing metrics and techniques for conducting social network analytics (SNA) that integrates both quantitative and qualitative measures.
  • Work force development in the areas of computer science – including recruitment and retention of diverse populations.
  • Design and development of new approaches to interactive narrative in game design.
  • Large scale WAN design and QoS for broadband access to rural communities.
  • Improving health care information systems using telemedicine, improved focus on patient wellness, and construction of data standards that are HIPAA-compliant.
  • Project management for game design, human-computer-interaction and development and testing of game mechanics.


University of Washington
Seattle, WA
  • Ph.D.- Social/organizational psychology.






Courses Taught

  • CSS 301: Technical Writing for Computing Professionals
  • CSS 350: Management Principles for Computing Professionals
  • CSS 432: Network Design
  • CSS 471: The Business of Computing
  • CSS 480: Principles of Human-Computer Interaction
  • CSS 490/BHLTH 490: Special Topic: Health Care Informatics
  • CSS 490: Special Topic: Interactive Game Design
  • CSS 490: Special Topic: Social Computing
  • CSS 497/498/499: Internships, readings, and research for undergraduates
  • CSS 565: Research Methods in Computing
  • CSS 583: Knowledge Management Systems
  • CSS 595/596: Capstone Master’s Project Seminar.