Information Technologies

Software Policies


It is the policy of UWB Information Technologies and UW Computing Communications that only currently licensed software is allowed on UW Bothell computers. See C&C's Copyright Issues page for a policy statement and additional legal information.

The benefit of having a standard suite of software, in addition to ensuring all software is licensed, is that it makes it possible for IT to provide high quality support, and allows IT to troubleshoot and fix software problems with as little disruption to the user as possible.

What support does IT provide for standard software?

Computers for faculty and staff at UW Bothell are configured with a standard suite of licensed software. Information Technologies provide full support for standard software on office computers, which means that we install and configure it, troubleshoot problems you may have using it, offer individual or classroom training as needed, and research your questions if we can't answer them.

Lab computers have additional software installed on them. The lab staff will do their best to answer questions about all of the standard lab software. With questions for some of the course-related applications, however, students should turn to their instructors for assistance.

What support does IT offer for other software?

Additional software can be installed on office computers, and often is. Faculty may have different needs, and we understand that other individuals may have need for other software. If you do need additional software, contact the help desk by email at or by phone at (425) 352-3456 and we'll see what can be done given licensing and cost restraints.

IT will offer minimal support for problems you may have. Beyond the help IT can provide with general questions, you will need to turn to the software vendor for assistance.

Licensing and installation

  • If installation of the software is covered under one of our current license agreements, we will work with you to install the software.

  • If the software is not covered under one of our license agreements, Information Technologies will still be happy to help you install the software, provided it is a licensed product.

Refreshing computers with standard software

In the process of troubleshooting software problems, Information Technologies will first look at settings and other options in your computer software. If reinstallation of software or the operating system is deemed necessary, IT will refresh your hard disk from our standard image. This process removes everything currently on your computer's hard disk, replacing it with a completely fresh install. You can be certain of always getting our latest software.

File storage

Because refreshing your computer is always a possibility, Information Technologies recommends that you store your files on the Mercury file server. Before refreshing your computer, you will always be given the opportunity to save locally-stored files, as long as they are still accessible (i.e., provided the problem has not damaged the files or otherwise made them inaccessible). However, storing the files on Mercury lets you bypass that potential problem.