Immigration Orientation

International Student Immigration Orientation

Attendance is required for all new undergraduate and graduate students. You will also complete a mandatory Immigration Check-in. Through interactive sessions with other UWB international students and your International Students Advisors, you will gain valuable insight and resources to help you be successful during your time at UW Bothell. Whether you have studied in the U.S. before or if it is your first time in the U.S., you will find these sessions helpful in understanding your student visa's benefits and opportunities at UW Bothell for you!

Spring 2018

Undergraduate Students: You will register AND attend the Immigration Orientation as part of your A&O Orientation day. You must register for your A&O Orientation here.

Graduate Students: You will attend a special international graduate student Immigration Orientation on Friday, March 30 at 2pm, in Husky Hall Room 1110. Registration is not required.

What Do I Need to Bring to the Immigration Orientation?

To complete your Immigration Check-in with CIE office, you must submit these 3 documents at orientation (CIE does not have a printer so make sure you bring the print-outs with you):

  • Immigration Check-in Form
  • Print out of your F1 visa stamp in your passport (it is OK if it has expired or has another school's name on it).
  • Print out of your I-94 Most Recent Arrival Record . Print this AFTER your arrival in the U.S.; do not print your Travel History page, just the most recent arrival page that includes your name, passport number, etc.).