CIE can not consult on your tax documents, but can advise on resources to help you. CIE strongly encourages you to use Glacier, the free online software for UW international students. Deadline to submit tax information (whether you worked in the U.S. or not) is always in April each year.

 Gacier Tax Prep is free for UW international students!

  • Getting Started in Glacier: The UW site has helpful information such as 1) Checklist of required forms and documents, 2) Employee Glacier Training Guide, and 3) Employee Glacier Checklist.
  • UW Student Fiscal Service Tax Resources: Dates for upcoming Tax Workshops for Non-U.S. Residents and online PPT in case you can not attend the workshop is available here.  The workshops discuss the tax documents that you should collect, what tax documents to complete, and answers questions about 1098-T, and more. Questions? Contact Student Fiscal Services at