What happens after my OPT or STEM OPT ends? 

If you successfully complete your OPT or STEM OPT period, you are give a 60-day grace period. The grace period begins the day after your OPT/STEM OPT ends, which is indicated on your EAD card.

You must take one of the following actions during your grace period:

  1. Depart the United States before your grace period ends.
  2. If you have received admission to a new degree program, you will need to complete all required paperwork and transfer your I20 to to your new school.
  3. If you have received admissions to a new degree program at UWB, you will need to talk with CIE so that we can update your I-20 before your grace period ends. You will be required to show current financial documents that show funds to support your first year of study in your new program at UWB.  
  4. Change to another type of non-immigration/immigration status to remain lawfully in the United States. Typically, students will work with their employer for the H1-B work visa sponsorship. Some students have also changed to other statuses, such as applying for a green card after getting married, etc. 


H-1B Application is Approved / I-20 Cap-Gap Extension 


If your H-1B application has been approved, your employer may ask you to provide a Cap-Gap extension I20,   The Cap-Gap extension I20 documents that you are eligible to continue to work after your current OPT/STEM OPT expires and before your H1B work authorization begins.

Contact the Center for International Education to request this I20.