Funded Proposals

  • Snohomish County Civic Boot Camp — $5,000
    Kara Adams

    Funding support of a one-day training academy that will include members of UW Bothell faculty, staff, and students, and is designed for developing civic knowledge and community engagement pertaining to the health and well-being of Snohomish County residents.

  • Eat, Share, Learn: Celebrate Asian American Culture — $2,000
    Scott Kurashige

    Public presentation by guest speakers/performers George Quibuyen and Chera Amlag with a focus on the topic of socially conscious ethnic entrepreneurship.

  • Math as a Bridge Not a Gatekeeper — $5,000
    Robin Angotti, Cinnamon Hillyard, Rejoice Mudzimiri, Emily Gismervig, Nicole Hoover

    Funding for video equipment and data storage that will be assembled into research kits for faculty and collaborative research teams to use in testing innovative curricula for the purpose of developing best educational practices.

  • iUrban Teen STEM + Arts Summit — $4,600
    Annette Anderson

    Funding for a one-day event with under-served students ages 13-18 to provide exposure to the world of technology and assist in development of students’ leadership skills.

  • Presentation by Dr. Richard D. Wolff, Professor of Economics Emeritus, University of Massachusetts, Amherst — $500.00
    S. Charusheela

    Public lecture by Dr. Richard D. Wolff on the Greek Crisis offered in conjunction with UW Bothell’s International Political Economy class.

  • Enhancement Project: Collegial Review of Instruction — $5,000
    Linda S. Watts

    Funding for faculty professional development in collegial (peer) review of instruction.

  • Facilitated Faculty Learning Community on Reflective Teaching Fellows Program — $2,500
    Erin Hill, Brandon Finley, David Socha, and Mark Kochanski

    Funding for spending credits to be used for travel or materials needed by fellows to support participation in reflective teaching fellow program.

  • Development of an Easily Portable Website Architecture for a Compendium of Pedagogical Resources — $5,000
    Chris Wade

    Funding for student work to research available platforms, develop recommendations, and other activities to support a pilot project.

  • eLearning Summer Institute — $5,000
    Sara Frizelle, Jody Early, Andreas Brockhaus, David Goldstein

    One-day institute providing technical support for faculty who want to expand their traditional courses to an online or hybrid format.

  • Makerspace Student Staffing — $5,000
    Pierre Mourad, Jason Pace

    Provide staffing needs for UWB’s Makerspace, which excels at multi-discipline, interactive learning, and engages a broad range of student interests and skills.

  • Supporting Learning in Large Gateway Classes — $6,500
    Bryan White, Charity Lovitt

    Foster student retention in large, gateway courses through a mandatory, structured-learning assistance program.

  • Presentation by diversity speaker Jeff Chang — $3,000
    Wayne Au

    Presentation by Jeff Chang, scholar, speaker and author, as part of UWB’s commitment to interdisciplinary education, and diversity and inclusion efforts.

  • High-Speed Data Analytics: A BIG DATA Initiative — $5,238
    Sohini Roy Chowdhury, Rob Nash

    Creation of a distributed computing framework that will facilitating training experiences for undergraduate and graduate students on the concepts of handling large data sets.

  • BOLD Women’s Leadership Camp — $5,000
    Susan Gibson

    Year two of the BOLD Women’s Leadership Camp, part of a strategy to build a Women+Business platform at UWB, and highlight our institution’s support of women in leadership.

  • Seattle South Asian Film Festival — $2,500

    Presentation of art as a way of promoting the spirit of diversity and multiculturalism at UW Bothell.