Office of the Chancellor

History of the Office

The Office of the Chancellor has evolved over time as the UW Bothell campus has grown and developed, becoming a full four-year institution committed to providing educational access to residents of the Eastside and Northern Puget Sound.

Bjong Wolf Yeigh Bjong Wolf Yeigh
Chancellor of UW Bothell
Kenyon S. Chan Kenyon S. Chan
Chancellor of UW Bothell
Steven G. Olswang Steven G. Olswang
Interim Chancellor of UW Bothell
Warren W. Buck Warren W. Buck
Chancellor and Dean of UW Bothell
Stanley F. Slater Stanley F. Slater
Acting Chancellor and Dean of UW Bothell
Norman J. Rose Norman J. Rose
Dean of UW Bothell and Vice Provost
John P. Keating John P. Keating

Dean of the UW Branch Campuses and Vice Provost
Donna H. Kerr Donna H. Kerr

Director of Branch Campus Planning and Dean of the UW Branch Campuses

Did You Know?

UW Bothell has awarded more than 18,000 degrees.