Innovation Forum: Failure Workshop


Failure Workshop

Thursday, 2/14, 1:30pm-4:00pm

Center for Serious Play

Registration Required, Seating Limited


Ted Hiebert, UWB Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (Arts)
Susan Harewood, UWB Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (Media and Communications)
Tim Hargarve, UWB Assistant Professor, Business (Organizational Management)
Mark Johnson, CH2M (Engineering)
Scott Child, Philips (Engineering)

The Failure Workshop will include presentations on failure in engineering, art, media and organizational management. In part one each contributor will answer the following questions:

1. What is failure in your field?
2. What is an example?
3. How do you test for failure?
4. How do you respond to failure?

In part two a few "simple" scenarios will be explored. If time allows we discuss what the implications are for innovation and design processes when taking an interdisciplinary approach to failure.

This workshop is accompanied by an installation called the Failure Room, which will be open for the duration of the 2013 Innovation Forum.