Innovation Forum: Learning Design


Learning Design: Connecting Cities and Campuses Workshop #1

Wednesday, 2/13, 11:00am-1:00pm

Rose Room

Registration Recommended, Seating Limited


Connecting Cities and Campuses Workshop

Workshop Leader: Kelly Snyder, UWB Assistant Vice Chancellor Government & Community Relations

Part One: Presentation by 3 city and campus planners/architects 8-10 minutes from each contributor answering the following questions: 1. How is your city and campus designed to optimize relationship and interaction between the community, neighbors and businesses? 2. How does the city and campus work together to create mutually interactive and useable spaces? 3. How does the city and campus work together to promote economic development? 4. How does the city and campus work together to solve societal issues??

Urban Transitions Studio: Service Learning Partnerships for Collaborative Community Development

Nicholas C. Zaferatos, Ph.D., AICP
Associate Professor of Urban Planning
Huxley College of the Environment, Western Washington University

Western Washington University’s Urban Transitions Studio is a collaborative partnership between Western, Bellingham’s Office of Planning and Community Development, and Sustainable Connections. With the support of our community partners, the program combines a series of senior level urban planning classes to develop planning concepts to help transition Bellingham into a more urban and sustainable community.

Let Knowledge Serve the City: Civic Partnerships at Portland State University

Jason Franklin, AICP, Director of Campus Planning and Design, Portland State University

A presentation focused on two key civic partnerships; a new education urban renewal district created by the City of Portland and PSU’s leadership in the South of Market EcoDistrict.
“Providing civic leadership through partnerships” is one President Wim Wiewel’s guiding themes for Portland State University. This focus on partnership permeates the academic, research and facilities agenda at PSU. PSU’s relationship to the City of Portland and the businesses and property owners surrounding campus is deep and is manifest in the many capital decisions that are made at the university. This presentation focuses on two key examples of that partnership; the creation of a new urban renewal district focused on PSU and PSU’s involvement and leadership in the South of Market EcoDistrict.

Community Engagement: Achieving “Our Project”

Will Dann, THA Architecture

Meaningful input from stakeholders can enrich and improve the quality of the project and create advocates for project success. Through a discussion of case studies, this presentation will discuss techniques for soliciting and responding to stakeholder input and achieving consensus.

Part Two: Application Workshop: We will workshop 1-2 "simple" scenarios and divide the contributors into either 6 groups with audience members or 3 teams, with each team lead by two contributors from different areas. Each group could also have a representative from the business community and neighborhoods. Discuss how the campus and community relationships could be further strengthen to build a stronger community.