Farwell from the Chancellor

Dear Colleagues,

Kenyon ChanMy time as Chancellor has finally come to an end. Chancellor-elect Bjong Wolf Yeigh will formally take office on September 1, 2013 but has been quite active and engaged since his appointment. He and his wife Sandy are now heading west from Vermont with their cat and two dogs. I know you will give them a warm UW Bothell welcome when they arrive.

It has been a great honor to serve as Chancellor for the past six years. Shirley and I are grateful for your support and friendship over these years and easily conclude that this is the best campus that we have had the pleasure to serve.

It has been a remarkable six years. Growth and excellence describe these years well. We graduated nearly as many students (over 1,400) this past June as the entire campus enrollment was six years ago! Our students are demonstrating exceptional accomplishments by winning Fulbright scholarships and gaining admission to the best graduate schools, law schools, and medical schools. Others have entered their chosen careers or advanced along their professional/career tracks and are contributing to the economic and social fabric of our community. I know that all of us take great pride in these achievements.

Our faculty and staff have also grown remarkably over these years both in number (nearly doubling the faculty) and accomplishments. Faculty have graciously welcomed more and more students, created new degree programs, and continued to provide every student with the personalized education that is a signature of the UW Bothell culture. The tremendous amount of creative and scholarly production of the faculty would take pages to document. Staff have opened new academic support programs, processed and admitted thousands of student applications, managed larger budgets and facilities, and continue to do their work with the warmth and caring that also characterize the UW Bothell culture. Two staff received Fulbright awards this year. And, both faculty and staff have maintained these high standards and positive culture despite the lack of state support for enhanced financial compensation.

Finally, I want to thank our three Vice Chancellors, Susan Jeffords, Marilyn Cox, and Richard Penny. They are extraordinary leaders who deserve all the credit for the accomplishments of the past six years. I am truly grateful for their deep commitment to this campus and for putting up with me. I also want to thank President Michael Young and Provost Ana Mari Cauce for their support and guidance and their unfailing commitment to this campus.

I leave you knowing that Shirley and I will always have a home at UW Bothell. I look forward to returning to the faculty in 2014.

Best wishes,