Community Based Learning and Research


Collaborating with Strangers (CoLab)

In collaboration with the UWB/CCC Library and the Office of Research, CBLR is excited to offer Faculty an opportunity to engage with community organizations and other UWB faculty members for the creation of potential community-based learning and research projects.

The goal of this Research CoLab is to create an engaging environment in which faculty from various disciplines and community organizations from around the region can meet each other, exchange ideas and, together, build new foundations to start or improve on research projects! One-on-one “speed meetings” will allow faculty and community organizations to quickly reveal their current or future research endeavors, ideas and passions which may otherwise take months of conversations to uncover.

2014 Topic - Communities, Culture, & Health 
November 12th from 3:30-5:30pm

The theme of this year’s CoLAB  encompasses a wide variety of topics including health education, affordable health care, health policy, public health, human rights, social justice, and economics of health care.

Please contact Kara Adams at for more information