Alternative Spring Break

Alternative Spring Break


Alternative Spring Break (ASB) is a student led initiative that gives students the opportunity to take part in educational service projects during their scheduled spring break.  The ASB program encourages active citizenship by providing service opportunities addressing issues within the community.

ASB is created in partnership between Achieving Community Transformation (ACT), the Office of Community-Based Learning and Research, and Student Engagement and Activities.

Alternative Spring Break 2015, March 21st - 28th  

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Please contact Linh Huynh,, if you are interested in participating or leading a project as a Student Site Leader. Click HERE for student site leader job description.

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will gain exposure to community partners and UWB’s engagement opportunities.
  • Students will learn about the issues of social justice for which the organizations were created.
  • Students will be introduced to other options for future projects, as well as obtaining the resources necessary to participate in individual opportunities with the partners.

2015 Service Sites

Below is a list of available volunteer service sites:

  1. Saturday, March 21st - Youth Migrant Project (Burlington)
  2. Monday, March 23rd - 21 Acres & Morethana Farms (Woodinville)
  3. Wednesday, March 25th - Puget Soundkeeper Alliance(Seattle)
  4. Thursday & Friday March 26/27 - Wetland Restoration and Cultural Exchange with Tulalip NW Indian College  (Bothell & Tulalip)
  5. Saturday, March 28th - Threads and Treads (Canyon Park Jr. High School -- Northshore School District)

Site Details

Youth Migrant Project
This program began in 1985 to serve the children of migrant workers while their parents were working. The project was moved to the Skagit Valley in 1993 and allows high schoolers to serve in day care centers and food banks at St. Charles while visiting migrant camps and providing donations. Volunteer will be working in the food bank for this event.

21 Acres
21 Acres is a non-profit organization with a vision to create and operate a vital, open public space for all of us to rediscover the agricultural heritage of our region and learn about cutting-edge, sustainable agricultural design and technologies as well as ways to maximize the beneficial aspects of fresh local produce and farm products.They have arranged for us to start seed in the greenhouse, prepare beds, turn compost by hand, and directly seed herbs in raised beds.

Morethana Farm 
Morethana Farm in Woodinville, WA is a six-acre organic agriculture and agroforestry project that provides hands-on opportunities to teach and explore sustainable agriculture and permaculture design methods, convene on-site educational field labs, and engage community collaboration on and beyond the farm. Volunteers may be engaging in activities such as bioswale maintenance, sheet mulching, and seed preparation in the greenhouse or if weather permits, the field.

Puget Soundkeeper Alliance 
Puget Soundkeeper Alliance actively monitors Puget Sound through kayak patrols and uses the Soundkeeper patrol boat on a weekly basis enlisting a network of trained volunteers to detect and report pollution. As a major environmental stakeholder, Soundkeeper actively engages government agencies and businesses working to regulate pollution discharges from sewage treatment plants, industrial facilities, construction sites, municipalities and others. Volunteers will also patrol on kayaks with garbage bags and pick up trash they find along the way.

Threads and Treads
Canyon Park Jr. High School -- Northshore School District
Threads & Treads provides Northshore families free, quality donated clothing for school-age youth, teens, young adults and parents. Clothing items include appropriate clothing for the school day and special events, sportswear, shoes and accessories. All Northshore families in need of clothing assistance are welcome to shop each month for up to three outfits.Volunteers will take donations to inspect and sort.

Tulalip Tribes
Bothell and Tulalip
The Tulalip Tribes is a federally-recognized Indian tribe located on the Tulalip Reservation in the mid-Puget Sound area containing Snohomish, Snoqualmie, Skykomish, and other allied tribes and bands signatory to the Treaty of Point Elliott. The Salish word for Tulalip is dxʷlilap, which means "small-mouthed bay" and refers to the nearly landlocked nature of the cove. Volunteers will experience a cultural exchange with Northwest Indian College students as they come to Bothell on Thursday and we explore the Tulalip Reservation.


2014-2015 Planning Committee Contacts:

Linh Huynh
ACT Service Leader

Dexter Chan
ACT Service Leader          

Auzeen Rasaie
ACT Program Assistant
Office of Community-Based Learning and Research

Missy Dominguez
Program Manager
Student Engagement & Activities

Past Projects:

2014 ASB Sites:
Camp Korey
Puget Soundkeeper Alliance
21 Acres
The Tulalip Tribes Natural Resource Department
Threads and Treads

2013 ASB Sites:
Food Lifeline
Camp Korey
Northshore Wranglers
Northshore Community Schools’ HANG-TIME

2012 ASB Sites:
Camp Korey
Friends of North Creek Forest
PAWS Wildlife
Habitat for Humanity
Overnight health care trip to Ritzville

2011 ASB Sites:
Camp Korey
Vineyard Park Assisted Living
Teen Feed