Education Cost

Tuition and Fees

The cost of a student's education at the University varies with individual circumstances. The amount charged for tuition and fees is set by the state and is indexed to the cost of instruction. Since inflation increases costs generally, the tuition and fee rates also increase each year. Consequently, accurate tuition charges for future quarters cannot be provided here.  Since University costs are supported by state taxes, the rates charged to students who are not residents of Washington state are higher than the rates for residents.

The Office of Student Financial Aid estimates the amount of money that students in different family situations need to meet living expenses and to pay for school. To obtain an estimate of the costs of attending the University of Washington for one academic year (autumn, winter, and spring quarters), find the appropriate category in the chart below.

Washington Residents

Lives Away from HomeLives With ParentsNon-Traditional
Tuition & Fees$6,802$6,802$6,802
Room & Board $8,640$2,877$12,474
Personal Expenses $2,265 $2,265 $2,265
Transportation $396 $396 $1,524
Total $19,138$13,375 $24,100

Lives Away from HomeLives With ParentsNon-Traditional
Tuition & Fees$23,219$23,219$23,219
Room & Board $8,640$2,877$12,474
Personal Expenses $2,265 $2,265 $2,265
Transportation $396 $396 $1,524
Total $35,555 $29,792$40,517

Lives Away From Home

All single undergraduate students without dependents (spouse or children) who are living away from parents' home; undergraduate married students without children, whose spouses are also students.

Tuition and Fees

Figures presented here are for full-time enrollment, i.e., 10-18 credits per quarter; however, for purposes of financial aid eligibility, full-time is defined as 12 or more credits.

Tuition is due quarterly by Friday of the third week of the quarter.

Enrollment Confirmation Deposit

A new or returning former transfer student, or continuing student in a new classification, is required to confirm his or her intention to enroll by paying a nonrefundable $100 Enrollment Confirmation deposit (not required of students admitted Summer Quarter). The $100 is applied toward tuition and fees assessed for the quarter for which the student is determined to be admitted and subsequently enrolls. A student who pays the fee for a given quarter, but does not register in that quarter, is not entitled to a refund except in the situations listed below:

1.  A new or returning matriculated student who is unable to obtain courses that are applicable to the requirements of the degree or certificate program to which the student has been admitted, and who does not enroll in or attend other courses, is refunded the $100 Enrollment Confirmation deposit upon written request to the Office of Enrollment Management. Petitions should include a statement from an appropriate academic advisor certifying that no such courses are available. Petitions must be submitted by Friday of the second week of the quarter.

2.  A new or returning matriculated student who, after meeting with an appropriate academic advisor, determines that the program for which admission was granted differs substantially from what the student was led to expect, based upon earlier available information, is refunded the $100 enrollment confirmation deposit upon written request to the Office of Enrollment Management. Such a request for refund must be submitted before the student registers for courses, and, in no case, later than the first day of the quarter for which admission has been granted.

3.  A new or returning student who applies by the prescribed deadline for financial aid, administered by the University Office of Student Financial Aid, and who cannot be awarded financial aid adequate to his or her needs as determined by that office, and who is therefore unable to attend the University, is refunded the $100 enrollment confirmation deposit upon application to the Office of Enrollment Management no later than two weeks after receipt of notice of the financial aid award.

4.  A new or returning student who is unable to attend the University because of pregnancy, disability, or death, or because of being called involuntarily into the military service of the United States, or into civil duty, is refunded the amount, if any, by which the enrollment confirmation deposit exceeds the amount of tuition and fees assessed at the time of withdrawal. Requests for refund must be submitted in writing to the Office of Enrollment Management by the last day of the quarter for which the student was determined admissible and for which the enrollment confirmation deposit has been paid. Appropriate documentation is required.

New Student Enrollment Fee for Freshman 

The NSEF is a mandatory, one time fee for $250 that all entering freshmen pay to confirm their enrollment at the UW Bothell.  Several transition programs are funded entirely or in part by the NSEF including the Freshman Advising & Orientation program.

Fee Payment

An obligation to pay tuition and fees in United States dollars is incurred when a student registers. A fee statement is sent to the student's email address on file in the Office of the Registrar.

The tuition due date is always the third Friday of the quarter. Payments must be received by the Bothell Cashier's Office no later than the tuition due date. If you do not pay your tuition by the due date, you will be assessed a late payment charge based on the amount of your outstanding balance. For past due balances of $250 and above, the late fee is $120. For balances between $50 - $249.99, the late fee is $50. There is no late payment charge for balances under $50.

You may petition the late payment charge through the Office of the Registrar if you feel this fee was charged in error. Your petition will be approved or denied based on the circumstances.

If you have not paid your outstanding balance by the end of the late payment period, a hold will be placed on your academic records. Unpaid balances will be forwarded to collections after the conclusion of the quarter.

When the payment is not in conformance with the tuition and fee billing, specific instructions on how the payment is to be applied must accompany the payment. In the absence of instructions, the University makes a reasoned interpretation of the student's intent and accounts for the funds accordingly. The student number must be specified on all payments.

Mailing Payments

You may mail your payments directly to the Bothell Cashier's Office. Write the student number on your check. If your name is not printed on the check, please write your name on the check so your tuition account will be properly credited.

Please do not mail contracts, authorizations, vouchers, or sponsor payments in the tuition remittance envelope. These documents should be sent directly to the UW Seattle Student Fiscal Services Office.

Payments must be received by Student Fiscal Services, or the Bothell Cashier's Office, by the tuition due date. Payments received after the due date will be subject to late charges and/or holds on your academic records.

Direct Deposit Transfer

You may have your tuition paid directly from your bank account by using direct deposit transfer. This eliminates the need for you to mail a check or wait in line to pay in person.

Paying by Credit Card Over the Internet

Tuition and fees can be paid using a credit card over the Internet only. To pay by credit card, students may sign in at MyUW and select the ‘Credit Card Payment' option; parents should go directly to the Tuition/Fees Payment by Credit Card section on the web page. Credit cards will not be accepted in person or over the phone. There is a convenience fee, which is charged for payments made with a credit card over the Internet. The fees are as follows:

      Transaction..................... Fee

      Under $150...................... $4

      $150 and over................. $40

Paying in Person

You may pay your tuition in person at the Student Fiscal Services Office or Bothell Cashier's Office. You may pay by cash, check or money order.

Drop Box

You may place your payment in the drop box located in UW1, outside Enrollment Management. Be sure to write your student number on your check. Please use an envelope if you are using the drop box.

Payments deposited in the drop box will be posted to your account within two business days. The date the payment is placed in the drop box (before 5:00 PM) is considered the date of payment. Please do not include cash when using the drop box.

Tuition Payment Plan

This plan is best for students who are not on financial aid, and who want or need to spread their payments over several pay periods. One-third of the anticipated tuition, plus a $10 service charge, is due on the first Friday of the quarter, along with the application form, which can be found in the Enrollment Management/Cashier area. The remaining balance of tuition is divided into two equal payments, due the third and sixth Friday.  Late fees of $55 each will be assessed for each payment not in the Cashier's Office by 5:00 PM on the due date, or postmarked on that day.

Technology Fee

This fee is to recover, in whole or in part, the costs of providing and maintaining services to students that include, but are not limited to, the following: Access to the Internet, e-mail, computer and multimedia workstations and laboratories, computer software, and dial-up telephone services. Part-time students, (those paying less than full-time tuition) are charged on a prorated basis. The fee of $40 per quarter, except Summer, will be included on the Quarterly Tuition billing.


Parking at the UW Bothell is $3.00 per visit, payable in advance at the meters. Quarterly parking permits for faculty/staff/students are available. U-Passes are also available. The UPass is your ticket to ride Metro, Community Transit, and Sound Transit service any time, anywhere. For more information visit

Special Course and Laboratory Fees

Some courses have extraordinary expenses associated with them, and, in such cases, the University may charge additional fees in amounts that approximate the added instructional or laboratory costs.

Late Registration

A late registration service charge of $25 is assessed a student granted permission to register after the last scheduled day of Period II registration and through the 10th day. Students registering after the 10th day pay a $75 late registration fee.

Change of Registration Fee

A charge of $20 is made for any number of add and/or drop transactions processed during a given day beginning the second week of the quarter.

Transcript Fee

A charge of $4, payable in advance at the Bothell Cashier's Office, is required for each transcript. Each transcript will include all course work taken at the University of Washington, with indication of the campus where the credits were earned. Please contact the Office of the Registrar for ordering information.

Cancellation of Tuition

Registered students must pay full tuition and fees. Tuition may be canceled or reduced if a student makes an official withdrawal or drops a course during the period specified by state statute. Refunds are given when a cancellation or reduction results in an overpayment.

Fee Forfeiture

A student who does not completely withdraw, but who is dropping one or more courses, may be eligible for lower tuition, depending on the total number of credits remaining, after the course drop, and on the time period when the drop was made. Tuition for students making a course drop on or before the seventh class day is determined by the total credits remaining. Tuition for students making a course drop after the seventh class day, through the 30th calendar day of the quarter, is computed on the total credits remaining, plus one-half the difference between the old tuition and the new tuition. There is no cancellation or reduction in tuition for courses dropped after the 30th calendar day of the quarter.

Fee Refund

When a fee payment is made by check, a waiting period is required before a refund can be authorized. An application for refund may be refused, unless it is made during the quarter in which the fees apply. A student who withdraws for disciplinary reasons forfeits all rights to refund or cancellation of any portion of his or her fees.

Residence Classification Requirement

Residence classification information is available in the Office of the Registrar.

Veterans and Children of Totally Disabled or Deceased Veterans 

Information on educational benefits and special exemption programs for veterans and their dependents is available in the Office of the Registrar. Veterans and members of the armed forces who apply for admission to any campus of the University are subject to the same minimum requirements, as are regular students, and are expected to enroll in accordance with University requirements. The University complies with the standards of progress as required by the Department of Veterans Affairs and the State Approving Agency. A copy of those standards, as approved, is available for review at the Office of the Registrar.

Financial Obligations

The comptroller is authorized to place a hold (administrative) on the records of any student who fails to pay amounts due to the University. Until this hold is cleared, the University (1) does not release the student's record or any information based on the record, (2) does not prepare transcripts or certified statements, and (3) denies registration as well as graduation from the University. In cases of serious financial delinquency, the comptroller, with the consent of the Registrar, may order that a student's registration be canceled and that privileges of attendance be withdrawn. Tuition and fees not paid by the end of the academic quarter are subject to an interest charge of 1 percent per month or a fraction thereof (12 percent APR), beginning the month following the end of the quarter.

An administrative hold or cancellation also may occur when a student has not complied with other University rules, procedures, or obligations. The hold may be placed on the student's record by the authorized University office responsible for enforcement of the rule, procedure, or obligation involved. The student is not permitted to register for any subsequent quarter, or to obtain a transcript of his or her record, or a certified statement, except on the written release of the office that placed the hold.

Tuition Exemptions

The University of Washington Tuition Exemption Program, established under the authority of RCW 28B.15.558, enables University of Washington employees and State of Washington employees who have been admitted to the University of Washington, to have tuition waived for up to six credits when enrollment is on a "space-available" basis. The Tuition Exemption Program is available at the University of Washington Seattle, Bothell, and Tacoma campuses. Those who enroll at the UW on a "space-available" basis for more than six credits will receive the tuition waiver for the first six credits and will pay a per credit charge for the credits taken over six.