Student Services


Enrollment Management advisors assist prospective and enrolled students with academic planning. Advisors meet with prospective students to review their prior educational experience and help determine whether additional course work is needed to satisfy admission requirements. If a student needs to complete general or program prerequisites, advisors can help develop a plan for completing those requirements. Advisors can also assist students in selecting appropriate pre-admission courses to help prepare for study at the upper-division level.

Advisors also direct students to appropriate campus resources; provide general financial aid information and assistance with financial aid procedures and timelines; and assist students with questions about registration, student accounts, and admission policies and procedures. Advisors are here to help students successfully navigate their academic careers and complete their educational goals. To make an appointment with an advisor, please contact the Office of Enrollment Management at (425) 352-5000.

Academic and graduation advising is provided by academic program advisors. After admission, contact your program for information or to make an appointment with the program advisor.


Staff can provide initial information on academic programs and set up appointments with advisors. Unofficial evaluations of transcripts may be requested to identify admissions eligibility and possible areas of deficiency. Completed undergraduate application files are processed for general admission to the University. For more information see the section on Advising below, or consult individual academic programs for specific admissions requirements.

Student Life

UWB provides many opportunities for students to engage in meaningful and educationally purposeful activities outside the classroom. Some of the major co-curricular activities are described below.

ASUWB - The Associated Students of the University of Washington Bothell is the official student government organization for undergraduate and graduate students. ASUWB officers represent student needs, interests, and perspectives to administrators and faculty. The officers are elected each spring by the general student body and serve one-year terms. Contact ASUWB at 425.352.5363, or go to for more information.

Campus Event Board - This appointed group of five students plan and coordinate a variety of campus events that reflects the diverse interests of the student body. Social, cultural, and educational activities and events are planned throughout the academic year. Contact for information on how you can get involved.

Clubs and Organizations - Student clubs and organizations are an excellent opportunity for students to connect with others who share a common interest or passion. Please explore the range of student groups that exist or consider starting your own organization. Contact for information on how you can either start a new group or find out about an existing one.

Committees - A variety of committees and boards exist for students interested in participating in the campus governance process. Most committees are filled in the Spring for the following year. Watch your student email for opportunities on how to participate in these high-profile and important decision-making bodies.

Student Services and Activities Fees

Services and Activities Fees are derived from a portion of students' quarterly tuition and are mandated by state law to be spent on student activities and programs. The money is allocated by a committee of students appointed by the Chancellor. Funded programs include (but are not limited to) student government, clubs and organizations, recreation programs, Career Services, etc.

Student Technology Fee

The Student Technology Fee is designed to provide funds for the improvement of technology used by students at UW Bothell. The UW Bothell Student Technology Fee Committee (STFC) determines the expenditures of the fee. Students of UW Bothell lead the committee and the committee allocates money for technology resources for general student use, pursuant to RCW 28B.15.051 and the agreement between the Associated Students of the University of Washington Bothell (ASUWB), and the Board of Regents.

Proposal application deadline is generally around the first week of May. Students are encouraged to submit a proposal for funding if they have a good idea for a funding request and a group to support it.

For more information, e-mail STFC Advisor, Jennifer Droege at

Health Insurance

For information about student health insurance, please visit: