Center for University Studies and Programs

Discovery Core

The UW Bothell Lower Division Experience

Our innovative program trains you for the contemporary workforce, lays the groundwork for advanced degrees, and prepares you for engagement as active participants in our rapidly changing world. The UW Bothell Discovery Core for freshmen focuses on critical and creative inquiry, communication skills, and the experience of a learning community in which the traditional classroom "unfolds" into other environments both on and off campus.

While you will certainly learn about biology and business, mathematics and literature, writing and biotechnology, psychology and sociology, computer science and philosophy, you will explore them not as isolated subjects, but, instead, as they interact with one another in the Discovery Core curriculum.

The CUSP first-year curriculum is centered around a 10 credit Discovery Core in the fall, a 5 credit Discovery Core in the Winter, a combination of a Freshman Interest Group (FIG) and a Portfolio Assessment in the spring, and a range of electives that fulfill UW distribution requirements and admission requirements to UWB majors.