Computing & Software Systems

Bachelor of Arts in Applied Computing

The Bachelor of Arts in Applied Computing (BAAC) focuses on the application of computer technology to non-computing fields. Students in the Applied Computing degree get a broad view of computing by taking a common core of classes that concentrate on computing, software engineering, management, communications, and knowledge of hardware and operation systems. The elective courses serve to create a unique hybrid degree in computing and another field of study that allows students to concentrate on an application domain.

Students completing the Bachelor of Arts in Applied Computing have the option of completing a minor or cluster of courses related to a topic of interest. With guidance from an advisor, students implement a working knowledge of their computing skills within the context of their field of interests.

Bachelor of Science in Computing & Software Systems

The Bachelor of Science in Computing and Software Systems (BSCSS) degree features a software engineering based computer science program that stresses computer programming and people-centered software development processes. Students gain essential knowledge in object-oriented programming, data structures, analysis of algorithms, software engineering, management principles, hardware architecture and operating systems. Graduates of the CSS program are prepared for employment, graduate education, and life-long learning in this dynamic field. As a student nears completion of the BSCSS, they must enroll in a 10-credit capstone course. CSS 497 Cooperative Education consists of a final project that further enhances and exemplifies the experience at the University of Washington Bothell.

For those students already working in software applications, this program offers a strengthening and refinement of skills in technical programming, written and oral communication, project management and software design.