Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The RN-to-BSN completion program is accredited as part of the University of Washington School of Nursing and awards a University of Washington degree. We combine the UW School of Nursing's acclaimed professional program with the University of Washington Bothell's well-rounded arts and sciences curriculum, building a foundation of knowledge in nursing science, humanities and social sciences, and related professional course work.  Critical thinking, decision making, and oral and written communication skills are emphasized.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing program was first offered at University of Washington Bothell in 1992 and as of 2008 has over 1200 alumni.

The Nursing Program at UW Bothell is committed to providing access. It is based on an understanding that the student is a practicing nurse who must balance professional and personal responsibilities with educational pursuits. The UW Bothell program offers:


Professor Mary Baroni, Ph.D.,RN, 1988, Cornell University; human development and family studies


Associate Professor Mary E. Abrums, Ph.D.,RN 1995, University of Washington; sociocultural anthropology

Assistant Professor, Cheryl Cooke, Ph.D.,RN 2002, University of Washington; nursing

Associate Professor Andrea Kovalesky, Ph.D.,RN 1997, University of Washington; nursing

Professor Carol J. Leppa, Ph.D., RN 1990, University of Illinois at Chicago; nursing science

Assistant Professor Selena Mohammed, Ph.D.,RN 2004, University of Washington; nursing

Assistant Professor Heidi Petry, Ph.D.,RN 2000, University of Washington; nursing

Professor Suzanne Sikma, Ph.D., RN 1994, University of Washington; nursing

Senior Lecturer Linda Westbrook, Ph.D.,RN 1994, University of Washington; nursing

Admission Requirements

  1. Associate degree or diploma in nursing
  2. Proof of current licensure for practice as a Registered Nurse in Washington State
  3. A minimum of 80 quarter credits
  4. Successful completion of NCLEX-RN Exam
  5. Two years of a single foreign language in high school or two quarters of a single foreign language in college
  6. Two years of high school algebra or intermediate algebra in college (the University of Washington does not grant credit for intermediate algebra, but successful completion of a course at or above this level is required of all students admitted)
  7. English Composition 5 credits
  8. Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts (Humanities) 15 credits
  9. Individuals & Society (Social Sciences) 15 credits
  10. Statistics 3 to 5 credits
  11. Advanced Math or Logic 5 credits (may be petitioned)
  12. Inorganic chemistry 5 credits
  13. Microbiology 3 to 5 credits
  14. Anatomy & Physiology 10 to 12 credits (may be taken by Excelsior Proficiency Exams)
  15. A grade of 2.0 or higher is required in each Nursing Program prerequisite, and applicants must show evidence of good academic standing (an overall transfer grade-point average of 2.0 or higher) to be considered for admission.

Program Structure

Summary of Credits

Total - 180

Graduation Requirements