Campus Life

University Book Store

The University Book Store provides textbooks, course materials, supplies, clothing, general reading, and gifts on campus or at The University Book Store is located in the library expansion building. UW students are eligible to participate in the bookstore's rebate program and receive student pricing on many computer items. Regular bookstore hours are Monday through Thursday 9 a.m.-8 p.m., Friday and Saturday 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Hours are reduced in summer and during school breaks. The bookstore can be reached at (425) 352-3344.

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Computer use and Software Copyright Policy

All faculty, staff, and students who use any computer at the University are responsible for using computer resources in an ethical and legal manner. For example, it is not appropriate to share computer accounts or use them for commercial purposes, to send unwanted e-mail, or to distribute copyrighted software, music or images. Those who do not follow the rules could lose their UW computing privileges.

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Information Systems

Students have at their disposal drop-in computer labs equipped with both Intel PC and Apple Macintosh multimedia workstations, all loaded with the currently supported productivity software (such as Microsoft Office, and various Internet access tools). Fee-based laser printing is available via the network. The drop-in labs are managed by Information Systems professionals and staffed by knowledgeable student workers who can assist with computer-related issues. All UW Bothell students have dial-up capability into the UW network, a UW internet e-mail account, secure space on the student file server, and network access to most class reserve readings via the Internet. For students with disabilities, a special workstation is available with screen enhancement magnification software as well as a speech synthesizer that reads computer text as it is typed.

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Internet and Email

The University of Washington provides all students and staff with free access to e-mail and internet services. The Web can be used as a resource for up-to-date information regarding campus news, events, programs, class schedules, as well as providing access to your personal account and transcript information. Faculty and staff use e-mail and the Web to publish course information, assign projects and correspond with students.

MyUW is a customized Web portal site for use by students, staff, and faculty of the University of Washington. Students can register for classes, check their grades, find their student loan status, apply for short-term loans, and get online assistance all through MyUW. A UW NetID is required to access MyUW.

Your UW NetID serves as your e-mail address and as your user name for access to MyUW. The University relies on e-mail to communicate important information and reminders; it is required that you get a UW NetID as soon as you are enrolled and that you check your UW e-mail on a regular basis. UW Internet Connectivity Kits (UWICK) are available for purchase in the University Bookstore and include all of the software you will need to set up your home computer for UW Internet access.

Campus Media Center

The Campus Media Center (CMC), a unit within the Campus Library, serves the academic goals of Cascadia Community College and UW Bothell by supporting the use and integration of media and technology in the classroom and throughout the campus. To achieve this mission, the CMC provides a variety of services to the campus community.

Dedicated to supporting the curricula of both institutions, the CMC manages the local media collection (e.g., videotapes, DVDs, laserdiscs, CDs, and audio cassettes). The collection is fully searchable from the CMC's online catalog. In addition to local materials, media may be borrowed from other UW collections.

In addition, the CMC provides technical support for all classroom and presentation technology. Each classroom on campus is equipped with an ePodium-an electronic podium housing the primary classroom technology. With a minimum of 12-hours notice, CMC can provide you with equipment that is not permanently housed in a classroom or meeting space. The CMC also provides over-the-counter equipment circulation to students, faculty, and staff for approved, course-related purposes.

The CMC's Multimedia Studio was established to provide advanced technological facilities to support students and faculty with various levels of technical experience in the production of course-related multimedia materials. Housed inside the CMC, the Multimedia Studio supports the general campus population and not specific courses or applications. Projects may include, but are not limited to, in-class presentation materials, multimedia-related course assignments, and lecture support materials. All projects are to be academic in nature and must directly relate to a teaching and learning experience on campus.

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The University Ombudsman

An ombudsman is an appointed representative of the University community who protects the rights and interests of University community members, including students, staff, faculty, and other users of University facilities. Through confidential conversations with the Ombudsman, clients are assisted to enhance existing skills and to acquire new competencies to prevent, assess, manage, and resolve conflict. When appropriate, referral assistance is provided regarding where to take grievances and how to present them effectively.

The Ombudsman cannot overrule or overturn decisions, but systematically examines the facts to determine fairness and works with the client to identify alternatives for systematically addressing the matter. A plan is developed which seeks to minimize negative consequences for all parties and the University, while focusing on achieving a mutually satisfactory solution. Recommendations of changes in rules, regulations, and procedures can also be made.

If you have a concern you would like to discuss in confidence, call the Ombudsman's Office at (425) 352-5238. You can meet with the Ombudsman and other staff of the office weekdays at the Seattle Campus in 301 HUB (Husky Union Building) and each Wednesday at UW Bothell in room UW1-380.

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Public Safety

The mission of the Public Safety Department is to deliver professional security and public safety services to students, faculty, and staff while they are on campus. We are committed to providing our students with an environment conducive to the pursuit of knowledge. The Department works closely with the Bothell Police Department in providing law enforcement and security for the campus community. Public Safety Officers patrol the campus on foot, by bicycle, and vehicle. For your safety, Public Safety Officers offer the campus Safety Escort Program for students, faculty, staff, and visitors to use. To ensure safety on our busy campus the 20 mph speed limit and stop signs are strictly enforced. Public Safety is responsible for all traffic enforcement on campus. Additionally, during high volume traffic periods Public Safety Officers direct traffic at key intersections to ease congestion. Lastly, Lost and Found property is collected and maintained by the department.

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