Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Nursing offers two programs specifically designed for working registered nurses. Both programs are grounded in respect for the clinical expertise that students bring into their studies. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) provides an opportunity for registered nurses with an associate degree or hospital diploma to prepare themselves for positions in community health, management, graduate school or for enriching their own nursing practice within the health care system. This program offers a foundation in nursing science, critical thinking, oral and written communication and professional practice. The program provides a clinical practicum experience with populations in community settings and prepares professional nurses to be active participants and leaders in the changing health care environment. Students are admitted in both summer and autumn quarters for full or part-time study which can be completed in 4-5 quarters taking 2-3 courses each term

Master of Nursing

The Master of Nursing is an advanced nursing program that prepares graduates for population-focused leadership roles across a variety of settings. A cohort of professional nurses is admitted each fall to attend courses on a part-time basis on Fridays for a period of two to three years taking 3-6 credits per quarter. Coursework includes philosophy and theoretical foundations for advanced practice, leadership, policy, program development and diversity in the workplace.