Using MyUW to register

Students register on-line through MyUW, MyUW provides the following registration functions: immediate registration in course sections, course adds, and course drops.  Course adds and course drops lists alternative sections available, if the requested sections are closed or canceled, reports the open/closed status of specific course sections, provides a listing of the student's confirmed registration schedule, tuition balance, financial aid status, date, and amount of last payment. Computers are available in the lobby of the Office of Student Affairs.

Students have found MyUW to be an easy and quick way to review their transcript, registration record, student account, and address information. You may check and print copies of this information from any PC or Mac that has Web access.

Time Schedule

The Time Schedule will be posted to the University of Washington Bothell's web page each quarter. The Time Schedule will provide up-to-date information, including schedule changes and course status. Students can refer to the Time Schedule for the final examination schedule, academic calendar, registration period dates, deadlines, tuition and fees, grading information, and registration and withdrawal procedures. Students are responsible for knowing this information.

Registration Periods

To expedite the registration process, students register throughout the quarter during the appropriate registration period.

Registration Period I:

Open to currently registered, matriculated students and those eligible to register under the quarter-off policy. Occurs during the latter half of the quarter preceding the quarter for which the student is registering. (Currently enrolled students registering for Autumn Quarter do so in Spring Quarter.)

Registration Period II:

Open to new and returning students, non-matriculated students, and continuing students who fail to register during Registration Period I. Occurs after Registration Period I closes.

Registration Period III:

Open to all students for late registration, course adds and drops. Occurs during the first two weeks of the quarter.

Late Add Period:

All students may register or make registration changes during this period. All added courses require an entry code or faculty number. A Change of Registration fee is charged.

Unrestricted Drop Period:

Courses dropped during this period will not appear on the transcript. A Change of Registration fee is charged.

Late Course Drop Period(Annual Drop):

Students may drop one course each academic year (Autumn through Summer quarters), after the fourteenth calendar day of the quarter, through the seventh week of the quarter. A course drop will be recorded on the transcript with a W, followed by the number of the week of the drop (W3-W7). A Change of Registration fee is charged.

Full-Time and Half-Time Status

To be classified as a full-time student by the University of Washington Bothell, an undergraduate student must register for, and complete, at least 12 credits per quarter. A graduate student must register for and complete at least ten credits per quarter.

To be classified as a half-time student by the University, an undergraduate must register for and complete at least six credits per quarter. A graduate student must register for and complete five credits per quarter.

Registration Eligibility

Newly admitted students and students readmitted to the same or a new classification (e.g., undergraduate, post-baccalaureate, graduate), or admitted to a different University campus, are eligible to register in Registration Period II after their enrollment confirmation deposit has been received.

Continuing University of Washington Bothell students who remain in good academic standing are guaranteed the opportunity to register each quarter at the same University campus as long as they maintain continuous enrollment (excluding Summer Quarter), or fall within the guidelines of the quarter-off policy. Continuation must be in the same classification (e.g., undergraduate, post-baccalaureate, graduate) and at the same campus. After a student has earned a baccalaureate degree, he or she must apply for readmission as a post-baccalaureate, non-matriculated, or graduate student. Any student wishing to enroll at a different University of Washington campus must apply for admission to that campus.

Exceptions to the guarantee of registration eligibility include students under disciplinary action, students with a financial hold on their records, and students not meeting their departmental or University satisfactory progress policies. Additionally, continuing students who withdraw during the first week of two consecutive quarters (Summer Quarter not included) will not be eligible to register as continuing students for the third quarter and must reapply as former students returning to the University. If an undergraduate does not enroll for two or more quarters, he or she must file an application for readmission with the Office of Student Affairs.

Cross-Campus Registration

All students enrolled at one UW campus may register for courses at another UW campus on a space-available basis, starting on the first day of Registration Period 2 for Autumn, Winter and Spring quarters. The transactions must be completed by the student's home-campus adviser. (Cross-campus registration cannot be done on MyUW.) In Summer quarter, cross-campus enrollment is allowed in Periods 1 as well.

Students must earn a minimum of 15 credits at UW campuses before cross campus registration is permitted. Non-matriculated students are also not allowed to enroll cross-campus. This includes non-matriculated students taking courses under the staff or Washington State tuition exemption. Students may not be admitted and enrolled at separate campuses simultaneously. Double degrees or majors will not be permitted to cross campus lines, and majors will be restricted to a single campus. However, students who earn a minor at the alternate campus may have that minor recorded with the degree on the transcript at graduation. There will be no minors recorded on the transcript header record.

A maximum of 45 credits earned through cross-enrollment may count toward a bachelor's degree. (Graduate students are limited to 12 credits.) This restriction is not monitored, so there is no restriction to the number of credits a student may complete by cross-enrollment; only to the number that may count toward a degree. If there are excess cross-enrollment credits, the department adviser should note this on the application for graduation. DARS is not programmed to know at which campus courses are completed, so a DARS audit will not point out excess cross-enrollment credits.

Note that this 45-credit limit applies only to credits taken at one UW campus while enrolled at another. A student who attends one UW campus and then is admitted to another UW campus may count toward a bachelor's degree any number of credits transferred from the first UW campus to the second (see below).

Credits completed at all UW campuses are posted on the student's transcript as UW credit. Which campus offered the course can be determined by the department abbreviation; each campus has its own set of abbreviations, and none are shared. The campus at which the student was enrolled in a given quarter can be determined by the student's major code that quarter; again, each campus has its own set of abbreviations.

Cross-Campus Enrollment Administrative details

Restrictions on Attending Classes

No person, other than a faculty member attending informally with the approval of the instructor, may attend a University course in which that person has not been registered.

An instructor may allow a student to attend his or her class only if the student's name is on the official class list from the Office of the Registrar. An unregistered student may attend through the fourteenth calendar day of the quarter, if the student is on an official wait list for the course.

Quarter-Off Policy

Undergraduate students who have completed a quarter at the University of Washington, Bothell may take the following quarter off, and remain eligible to register in Registration Period I for the subsequent quarter, without reapplication as a returning student. Any quarter from which a student has completely withdrawn, or from which he or she is canceled, does not constitute a completed quarter. Summer Quarter enrollment is not required to maintain continuous registration eligibility. The quarter-off policy is not available for graduate students. Certain undergraduate programs may require students who do not maintain continuous enrollment to complete an On-leave petition prior to taking a quarter off. Please contact your program office for details.

Dropping a Course

Students dropping a course during the first two weeks of a quarter shall have no entry on their permanent academic transcript. If all courses are dropped, then a "withdrawn" designation is recorded on the transcript.

A course drop made during the third through the seventh weeks of the quarter is recorded on a student's transcript with a W grade and a number designating the week of the quarter in which the course drop was transacted. Only one drop is permitted from the third through the seventh week of the quarter for each academic year (Autumn through Summer quarter).

A student who does not drop a course officially through MyUW or in person at the Office of Student Affairs is given a grade of 0.0.

Students receiving or applying for financial aid should check with the financial aid counselor before dropping a class because it may affect financial aid eligibility.

Complete Withdrawal from the University for a Registered Quarter

Dropping all courses for the quarter

It is the student's responsibility to withdraw completely if he or she is unable to attend. Students may withdraw through MyUW or at the Office of Student Affairs. An official withdrawal is effective the date of the last drop through MyUW, the date it is received in the Office of Student Affairs, or if submitted by mail, the date of the postmark.

Tuition owed will be based on the date the complete withdrawal is received. No withdrawals are accepted after the last day of instruction for the quarter.

The tuition forfeiture schedule for complete withdrawal from the University is as follows:

  1. Students withdrawing on or before the seventh calendar day of the quarter do not pay tuition.
  2. New and returning students forfeit their $100 enrollment confirmation deposit. Students who drop classes between the 8th & 30th calendar days of the quarter receive a refund of one-half of the tuition reduction associated with the drop. This is in addition to the $20 Late Change of Registration Fee.
  3. Students who drop classes after the 30th calendar day of the quarter receive no reduction in tuition and will also be charged a $20 Late Change of Registration Fee.
  4. The following principles apply to complete withdrawal from the University:
  5. Courses dropped as part of a complete withdrawal from the University during the first two weeks of a quarter are not recorded on the student's UW transcript; however, the date of the complete withdrawal is recorded.
  6. Students are required to turn in their student identification cards when they withdraw from the University and are not eligible to continue using University services or facilities after their withdrawal.
  7. A recipient of veteran's benefits should immediately notify the Veterans Benefits Coordinator of withdrawal.
  8. A student with a scholarship or loan awarded through the University should notify the Financial Aid Counselor of withdrawal.

Hardship Withdrawal

Hardship withdrawals are for dropping individual courses only, and may occur after the second week of the quarter. A student may file a petition with the Office of Student Affairs for a hardship withdrawal, if the student is unable to complete a course because of a severe mental or physical disability, or because unusual or extenuating circumstances, beyond the student's control, prevented the student from dropping the course by the drop deadline. Hardship withdrawal forms are available in the Office of Student Affairs.