Professional Certificate Program (PCP)

Professional Certification Program (PCP)

The UW Bothell Professional Certification Program seeks qualified teachers who are committed to:

Drawing upon a knowledgeable faculty who are invested in the on-going professional development of teachers, participants will benefit from deeply engaging coursework, state-of-the-art facilities, and a convenient location that helps them meet the demanding needs of their personal and professional growth.

New Program Design

University of Washington Bothell has restructured the Professional Certification Program so that teachers now have two options: they can complete the certificate coursework as a stand-alone program or apply the 15 credits towards the requirements for the Master of Education degree. Pro Cert seminars have been revised around the new, more focused state standards. Work in these seminars supports each teacher's particular goals. The pre-assessment seminar is offered autumn and spring quarters.

Admission Requirements

Pre-assessment Seminar

This initial seminar assists candidates to develop a Professional Growth Plan that leads to the collection of evidence demonstrating competence in each of the three major areas:

Participants work with teachers from across the region to identify their strengths and to plan their next stages of professional growth.

Professional Seminars

The Professional Seminars are designed to help participants link M.Ed. coursework to the Standards of Professional Certification

Culminating Seminar

Candidates assemble evidence that documents the knowledge, skills, and performances required for Professional Certification within a portfolio and present the portfolio to their professional growth team and other colleagues.

Possible Elective Courses


Summer Environmental Education Days Institute

Building Partnerships: Home, School, Community

Computers in the Classroom

Using Multicultural Literature in the Classroom

Teacher Leadership

Curriculum Integration

Professional Certificate Course Descriptions

B EDUC 542 Pre-assessment Seminar (2)

Thorough examination of requirements for the professional growth plan and related performance indicators necessary to meet the standards for the Washington State Professional Certificate. Provides theoretical frameworks and conceptual foundations to help participants design and organize a written plan for completing the PGP requirements.

B EDUC 546 Professional Growth Seminar (1-2; max 6)

Development and implementation of concrete strategies and tools for meeting the performance indicators contained in the professional growth plan. Researched-based practical aspects of curriculum design, instructional environments, using and communicating student achievement data for instructional improvement and increasing family involvement, and options for on-going professional growth activities.

B EDUC 548 Professional Certificate Culminating Seminar (1-2; max 6)

Refines and prepares for submission all materials necessary to fulfill requirements for Washington State Professional Certification as specified in the PGP and to facilitate deep reflection. Engages in thoughtful analyses, constructive feedback, and final revisions prior to submitting final PGP portfolio.