Master of Nursing

UW Bothell's Nursing Program offers graduate study leading to the Master of Nursing (MN) degree. This program is designed to meet the needs of working nurses who are interested in advancing their careers through graduate education.

Central to the program is the development of leadership skills in practice, research and education through theory, research, program development and evaluation. Core values emerge through selected course work in ethics, aesthetics, diversity and social justice. At UW Bothell, the core MN curriculum highlights scholarly inquiry, health care systems, policies, and social issues related to the pressing health issues facing our state, nation, and the global community. Students pursue scholarly inquiry through a committee guided project that often is completed in collaboration with the students' current workplace. Focused field work in the second year permits substantive experience in a variety of settings in order to examine advanced nursing roles and apply core concepts into the real-world context of heath care. The program provides exceptional faculty support and considers the student-faculty relationship to be paramount.

The program utilizes a "cohort model" with students admitted each fall. The first year focuses on core content consistent with AACN's Essentials of Masters' Education. The second year provides the opportunity for "individualized specialization" through electives, fieldwork and scholarly projects that prepare graduates for advanced nursing roles in a variety of health-related settings.

The MN program is designed with block course scheduling with classes one day per week (Fridays). This includes 6 credits (2 courses) per quarter schedule over 7 quarters of part-time graduate study. Occasional students extend their course of study over an 11 quarter sequence taking 3 credit (1 course) per quarter for the first 2 years and 6 credits (2 courses) during their third year. Course work may be started prior to formal admission to the program as a graduate non-matriculated student (GNM). GNM status allows the student to complete graduate-level courses of which up to 12 credits may later be applied toward the Master of Nursing degree.

What defines MN studies at the University of Washington Bothell?

Why Seek a Master's Degree in Nursing at UW Bothell?

Program Goals

Graduates of the Master of Nursing program are able to:

Admission Requirements

Admission to the Master of Nursing program is open to any professional registered nurse licensed to practice in Washington state who meets the following criteria:

The application process includes documentation of the above admission criteria as well as a personal goal statement that is congruent with program outcomes, references, and a professional resume describing educational background and professional experience.

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Program Structure


Minimum credits 41