University of Washington Bothell

Welcome from the President

The University of Washington Bothell opened its doors in 1990 with 13 faculty members teaching in leased office space.  Today it serves more than 1600 upper-division and masters-degree students on a handsome new campus shared with Cascadia Community College.  UW Bothell's mission, then and now, is to help meet rising demand for higher education and especially to serve students in the north Puget Sound region.

The success of this educational venture, in its 16th year, is a source of a great pride to the University of Washington.  UW Bothell combines the high intellectual standards of an established research university with the dynamic experimentation of a new campus.  UW Bothell faculty and staff have built vital, personalized, interdisciplinary programs that enrich the Puget Sound's educational mix and offer new opportunties to its citizens.  We all look forward to UW Bothell's continued growth and development


Mark L. Emmert

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