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Business Administration

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

The Business Administration program's objective is to develop in students the skills and knowledge that are necessary for success in a dynamic, global economic environment. The Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration program curriculum uses a variety of innovative pedagogical approaches to expose students to the problems they will face as managers and leaders and provides frequent opportunities to study important business institutions. Concentrations include: Management; Management Information Systems; Marketing; Technology and Innovation Management; and Finance. The program places a high priority on the integration of theory and practice and complements its emphasis on relevance in teaching with an emphasis on research. The broad diversity and sophistication of the business community in the University of Washington Bothell service area help to make this relevance and interaction sustainable.

Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration program focuses on preparing individuals for management in technology-oriented businesses. The MBA program combines leading-edge management theory with practical tools for analysis and problem solving in a team-based environment. Courses emphasize case studies and projects that challenge students to apply and extend what they learn in class to real-world business situations. Throughout the two-year evening program designed for working professionals, students also learn from their peers who possess rich and diverse backgrounds in business and technology. In addition, guest lecturers from the local business community bring their insights and experience into the classroom as they discuss the challenges and opportunities facing managers.

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