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Business Administration 
Computing and Software Systems
Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences

Business Administration

A. Steven Holland, Ph.D. 
P. V. Sundar Balakrishnan, Ph.D.
1988, University of Pennsylvania,
The Wharton School; marketing
Karen A. Brown, Ph.D.
1983, University of Washington; operations management, new product development and project management
A. Steven Holland, Ph.D.
1983, Michigan State University; finance and economics
Kenneth Walters, Ph.D.
1972, University of California, Berkeley; business strategy and public policy
Associate Professors 
Paul Collins, Ph.D.
1986, Rutgers University; project technology and innovation management and organization and management theory
Sandeep Krishnamurthy, Ph.D.
1996, University of Arizona; marketing
Kevin Laverty, Ph.D.
1993, University of California, Los Angeles; policy and organization
Jacqueline Meszaros, Ph.D.
1988, University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School; social systems sciences
Peter Nye, Ph.D.
1992, Duke University; marketing
Assistant Professors 
James Burton, Ph.D.
2001, University of Washington; human resource management and organizational behavior
Mary Huneke, Ph.D.
1996, University of Iowa; marketing and information processing
Ufuk Ince, Ph.D.
2001, Georgia State University; finance
Patricia Kelley, D.B.A.
1988, Boston University; management policy
James M. Miller, Ph.D.
1992, Purdue University; finance
Gowri Shankar, Ph.D.
1991, Syracuse University; finance
Senior Lecturers 

Walter Freytag, Ph.D.
1981, Pennsylvania State University; industrial/organizational psychology

Alan Leong, M.S.E.
1997, University of Washington; process management

Computing and Software Systems

Acting Director 
Frank Cioch, Ph.D. 
Frank Cioch, Ph.D.
1985, University of Michigan; computer and communication sciences
Charles F. Jackels, Ph.D.
1975, University of Washington; physical chemistry
Associate Professors 
William W. Erdly, Ph.D.
1991, University of Washington; social/organizational psychology
Michael David Stiber, Ph.D.
1992, University of California, Los Angeles; computer science
Kelvin Sung, Ph.D.
1992, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; computer science
Assistant Professors 
Munehiro Fukuda, Ph.D.
1997, University of California, Irvine; computer systems design
Baili Liu, Ph.D.
2000, Purdue University; industrial engineering
Clark F. Olson, Ph.D.
1994, University of California, Berkeley; computer science
Senior Lecturers 
Arnold Berger, Ph.D.
1971, Cornell University; materials science
Carol S. Zander, Ph.D.
1995, Colorado State University; computer science


Susan D. Franzosa, Ph.D. 
G. Thomas Bellamy, Ph.D.
1975, University of Oregon;
special education
Susan Franzosa, Ph.D.
1979, State University of New York at Buffalo; philosophy of education
Kathleen Martin, Ph.D.
1974, University of Texas at Austin; education/curriculum and instruction
Cherry A. McGee Banks, Ed.D.
1991, Seattle University; educational leadership and public administration
Jane Van Galen, Ph.D.
1986, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; social foundations of education
Associate Professor 
Carole Kubota, Ph.D.
1985, University of Washington; education
Assistant Professors 
Nancy Place, Ph.D.
2000, University of Washington; curriculum and instruction
P. Taylor Webb, Ph.D.
2001, University of Washington; educational leadership and policy studies
Senior Lecturer 
Jean Eisele, Ed.D.
1998, Seattle Pacific University; education

Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences

JoLynn Edwards, Ph.D. 
Associate Director  
Diane Gillespie, Ph.D. 
Warren W. Buck, Ph.D.
1976, The College of William and Mary; physics; University of Washington, Bothell,Chancellor and Dean
Jane Decker, Ph.D.
1971, Washington University; political science; University of Washington, Bothell, Associate Dean for Academic Planning
JoLynn Edwards, Ph.D.
1982, University of Washington;
art history
Charles Jackels, Ph.D.
1975, University of Washington;
physical chemistry
Dan Jacoby, Ph.D.
1985, University of Washington; economics
Daniel Jaffe, Ph.D.
1987, University of Washington; chemistry
Diane Gillespie, Ph.D.
1982, University of Nebraska, Lincoln; educational psychology and social foundations
Norman Rose (Emeritus), Ph.D.
1966, University of Illinois; chemistry
Robert C. Schultz,  Emeritus), Ph.D.
1969, Emory University; philosophy
Linda S. Watts, Ph.D.
1989, Yale University; American studies
Alan Wood, Ph.D.
1981, University of Washington; history
Associate Professors 
Constantin Behler, Ph.D.
1990, Stanford University; German studies and humanities
Bruce Burgett, Ph.D.
1993, University of California, Berkeley; English
Steven Collins, Ph.D.
1994, University of Virginia; government and foreign affairs
Colin Danby, Ph.D.
1997, University of Massachusetts, Amherst; economics
Warren Gold, Ph.D.
1988, Utah State University, Logan; plant ecology
Michael Goldberg, Ph.D.
1992, Yale University; American studies
Martha Groom, Ph.D.
1995, University of Washington; zoology, conservation biology
Jeanne Heuving, Ph.D.
1988, University of Washington; English
William Seaburg, Ph.D.
1994, University of Washington; anthropology
Assistant Professors 
Nives Dolsak, Ph.D.
2000, Indiana University, Bloomington; public and environmental affairs and political science
Kanta Kochhar-Lindgren, Ph.D.
1999, New York University; performance studies
Bruce Kochis, Ph.D.
1979, University of Michigan, slavic languages and literature
Ron Krabill, Ph.D.
2002, New School for Social Research; sociology and historical studies
Kari Lerum, Ph.D.
2000, University of Washington; sociology
Anne F. Peterson, Ph.D.
2002, Washington University in St. Louis; American politics, public policy
Elizabeth Thomas, Ph.D.
1998, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; community psychology
Senior Lecturers 
Michael Gillespie
1974, Southern Illinois University; philosophy
Charles Henry, P.E., Ph.D.
1989, University of Washington; soils/organics management
John R. Rasmussen, Ph.D.
1972, Dartmouth College; mathematics


Mary A. Baroni, Ph.D. 
Mary A. Baroni, Ph.D.
1988, Cornell University; human development and family studies
Anne Loustau (Emeritus), Ph.D.
1975, University of Washington; higher education
Associate Professors 
Mary E. Abrums, Ph.D.
1995, University of Washington; sociocultural anthropology
Andrea Kovalesky, Ph.D.
1997, University of Washington; nursing
Carol J. Leppa, Ph.D.
1990, University of Illinois at Chicago; nursing science
Suzanne Sikma, Ph.D.
1994, University of Washington; nursing
Assistant Professor 
Linda Westbrook, Ph.D.
1994, University of Washington; nursing

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