University of Washington Bothell

University of Washington Bothell Administration

Steven G. Olswang,
Interim Chancellor
G. Thomas Bellamy,
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Shawn Hunstock,
Director, Finance and Auxiliary Services
Cynthia Fugate,
Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Services and Director, Library
Dannette M. Sullivan,
Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Director, Student Affairs
Elaine Kraft,
Director, Public Relations and Communications
Elizabeth Swanson,
Director, Development

Program Directors

A. Steven Holland,
Director, Business Administration
Charles F. Jackels,
Director, Computing & Software Systems
Cherry A. McGee Banks,
Interim Director, Education
JoLynn Edwards, Ph.D.,
Director, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences
Mary A. Baroni,
Director, Nursing

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