Phil Noll





I interned at The Boeing Company during the summer of 2007, and then continued through my senior year. After graduation, I was hired as a full time buyer in Boeing Research and Technology. I have also worked in Cost Management, and now work as a Project Manager in Commercial Airplane Product Development. My primary role is to work with engineers to develop strategies for partnering with other external partners in the development of new technologies. I love my current role, and I’m challenged everyday by the nature of the projects I manage, and by the tremendously intelligent people I work with.

My advice to other students:

· Learn how to work well under pressure—there won’t always be long-lead deadlines, so figure out how to perform when it really counts.

· Make the most of your experiences in teams at UWB—make sure you work in a balanced environment. Taking on too much in a group can be just as detrimental as doing too little. Learn to trust your teammates and synergize with them.

· Get an Internship—it really does make a difference to have professional experience when entering the job market. It shows you know how to work in a professional environment, and it may lead to a full-time position.

· Work hard—do a good job on every project you work on. Many companies are smaller than you think when it comes to reputations. Performing well could open up a job opportunity years later. Conversely, making a poor impression on someone may come back to bite you.

· Take on additional responsibilities—look for ways to add value outside of your work statement. It shows you really care about the company, and that you will make the most of any situation.

 Phil Noll
Business Administration - Marketing '08