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Joe Shelley

Technologically Speaking...

Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor for Information Technologies, UW Bothell

I recently entered my new position as a Client Services Manager for UW Information Systems!  As a student, I was very active in student government and as a consultant in the campus Writing Center.  I also worked as a Program Assistant in the Media Center.  I stayed with the Media Center (now Information Technologies) after graduation and was promoted to a supervisor role.  It was a great place to work.  In fact, I wasn't looking for a job-or even thinking about leaving-when the Client Services Manager position became available.  My boss, Director of IT Brian Fletcher, suggested I apply.  With my new job, I've moved from a classified to a professional position and I'm excited about the opportunities opening up before me.  I credit the support and mentoring from my former boss with my success moving into this new role.

Joe Shelley
IAS Global
Studies '04