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Michael Wang


No Yellow-brick Road

UW Bothell '07
Internal Auditor, Weyerhaeuser

One of the toughest questions a college student faces is, "How do I get a job after graduation?"  There is no single Yellow Brick Road you can walk down to get a job, but there are general guidelines, and UWB has many resources and tools available to you.  An excellent place to begin is to make an appointment with the Career Center and update your cover letter and resume.  I thought I had a pretty good cover letter and resume...but by the end of my appointment, only my name, contact information, and major remained unchanged! 

Network with friends, professors, and recent graduates to discover what jobs you want to pursue, then apply to those positions on Husky Jobs.  I got all my interviews and job offers through Husky Jobs; if I could donate money to them, I would!  It doesn't hurt to apply to a lot of different jobs...after all, the worst thing that can happen is that you don't hear back. 

Good luck and I hope my advice helps!

Michael Wang