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Derek Peterson


Business Analyst, Accenture

As an analyst for a large consulting firm, I've continually been presented with opportunities to leverage the diverse and challenging experiences that I encountered in the UWB business program and my internship at Microsoft.  I have a short list of advice to help students get their dream career:

  • Get involved with school and the community. Companies are looking for people who want to make a difference in whatever they are involved with.
  • Focus in school to get good grades. Would you hire someone who coasted through school?
  • Do an internship! They are great opportunities to spend 3-4 months trying something new and proving your ability to deliver results.
  • Build a strong resume. I have spent a fair amount of time hiring for my clients and I can tell you that if a resume isn't nearly perfect I will just file it in the recycle bin, no matter what experience they have.
  • Prepare for your interview. Interviews are nerve-wracking enough already, don't make yours worse by showing up ill-prepared.
  • Show up to work. When you do get that dream job be sure you are dependable; your career will soar!

Derek Peterson
Business - Technology & Innovation Management