Ozden Eygi

My experience at UW Bothell was elevated the moment I became more involved on campus. During my four years as an undergraduate student, I received a world class education, connected with my professors outside of the classroom, and gained valuable transferable skills for any career through working for the Student Life office. In short, UW Bothell has been a gold mine of opportunities for me.

For any future husky, I would insist that you become involved on campus. See these resources as a way to build relationships, skills, and find topics that you’re passionate about. Whether it’s joining one of the clubs on campus, writing articles for the Husky Herald, or partnering with one of the existing organizations to create a new initiative you care about – it’s up to you to take the step to immerse yourself in these opportunities.

Currently, I am studying to take my entrance exam for medical school, and still carry the guidance and support of staff and faculty I’ve built lasting relationships with even after graduating. I am currently applying for a job that my classmate referred me to, and regularly meet former professors and advisors who are more than willing to help me along my journey to becoming a doctor. The connections that can be made, and the skills that can be gained, are the things that make this campus a gem. Put yourself out there, find the things you’re passionate for, and everything else will follow.

Biology - '13