Nazanin Shobeiri

I moved from Iran at the age of 16 with the intent of achieving a better education in the US. A year later when I finished high school I got accepted into UW Bothell. During orientation I was delighted with how friendly and warm the faculty and staff presented themselves and they did remain that way for the rest of my education. I would have to say without all the efforts and hard works of amazing instructors at UW Bothell who don't put a limit on how far they would go to help their students grasp their teachings, I wouldn't have had any knowledge in my biology major. Their passion and encouragement led me to explore biology outside the scopes of class and become a mini-scientist by getting involved in research and volunteering for multiple organisations.

I strongly recommend new and upcoming UW Bothell students consider volunteering in as many activities as possible and certainly keeping up to date with all the research opportunities happening on campus. It really is as easy as asking your instructor about their ongoing research and whether they need a helping hand in the laboratory! These activities not only help build your resumes and guarantee more academic success, but also heighten your understanding of the real world and serve your community.

Taking advantage of the UW Bothell Career Center is a must for any student looking for on and off campus jobs. That's how I got the opportunity to work with the amazing UW Bothell nursing staff during my senior year which opened so many doors for me.

I graduated a month ago and have moved to Australia to remain here for two years. I am currently studying for the DAT (Dental Admission Test) and at the same time applying for masters in nutrition or possibly neurobiology to stay active during my stay here.

Nazanin Shobeiri

Biology '13