Mila Golovan

I majored in Applied Computing with a concentration in Business. I wanted to be a Program Manager and this was the perfect degree for me because it allowed me to gain knowledge in both computing and business. Along the way, I had several amazing professors who encouraged me and helped me gain confidence. These professors had a huge impact on me and my future. UWB professors TRULY care about their students. They are involved and they want to see us succeed. This is what in my opinion makes UWB one-of-a-kind. One professor in particular asked me to be a grader for her. Because of this experience, I was able to land a contract at Microsoft while still in college as well as a subsequent internship.

A few months before I graduated, there was a career fair where several companies I was interested in were attending; one of those being Expedia. I attended the career fair and was called for an interview. Following the interview, I was offered a job as a Technical Product Manager. I felt well prepared for the career fair because I had previously gone to numerous career fairs and practiced giving my pitch and “selling myself”. I can’t stress enough how important it is to build your resume while in college and network. Take opportunities and don’t let the years pass without gaining work experience; that is my biggest piece of advice. Sometimes it can be hard landing that first internship, but there are people and resources there to help. Whether it’s your family, the career center, career fairs, professors, friends, use these resources and work hard towards your goals, and you too can land your dream job!


Applied Computing
Minor: Business Admin.