I was a return student when I enrolled at UWB. I had completed my transfer credits at Cascadia, and took what was to be a break “for just a quarter or two.” Seven years went by. I had learned my heart was in science, but I needed to be around people, not just Petri dishes. I didn’t want to get locked in a narrow degree path. The STS degree path was perfect for me. I was able to balance my love for biology with understanding the social impact and coevolution of the topics. It was a holistic approach to learning that combined hard science with sociology in ways I had never thought of before.

While at UWB, I took advantage of all the opportunities available to me. Spending 1:1 time with professors in office hours is one of the best tips I can give. Many students don’t realize how knowledgeable and willing to help Profs are. Also, the career center is an essential resource for getting out there and landing a job. They walked me through resume development, elevator speeches, networking tips, etc. I was lucky to have them as a free resource. Many people pay lots of money for the services they provide!

Since graduating, my degree enabled me to leap into a new industry, dental sales. My time is split between doctors and engineers. I know the surgical procedures and the physiology of patients, how the machines work, and educate doctors on the processes. It’s really a position that requires me to look at each situation from both sides of the fence. I can thank a holistic problem solving approach to my time at UWB.

Siobhan (Mangus) Wharton

Science Tech and Society