Olga Larcencova

Current Company: Avaliant

Job Title: Business and Finance Manager/Project Coordinator

 I had a wonderful time at UW Bothell. Every quarter I was taking four classes including summer. It was a very busy time for me with maintaining an early morning shifts at my part time job and also going to school full time.

I made some good friends at UWB. Coming from Eastern Europe and having English as a third language I found a lot of help and support from schoolmates and professors. I would like to highlight that because of Professor Marta Groom and Kristy Leissle I found my passion in chocolate and coffee and had my first internship with the NW Chocolate Festival (I am currently Educational and Volunteer Coordinator). Professor Alan Wood opened in me a new way of experiencing history, new way of thinking, and analyzing. I am thankful to Professor Michael Dimeo that he showed me my potential to be a strong leader.

Only one piece of advice is relevant: Follow your passion and your studies will be much easier for you and enjoyable. I also utilized UW Bothell's Career Center. Remember that going to school is a fun and enjoyable process. I am doing Business and Finances/Project Coordination at a software engineering company. I am planning to get an MBA from UW Bothell in a couple of years.

Olga Larcencova

GST Minor in Human Rights '11