Maresa Black

I graduated from UW Bothell with my degree in Community Psychology in the summer of 2011. Fast forward two years and I have just completed my first year of graduate school in Spokane, where I am currently pursuing my Master's in Occupational Therapy. Through the guidance and support of friends, mentors, professors, and staff in the Career Center at UW Bothell I was able to find a career that I am immensely passionate about. Occupational therapy is the field of my dreams because it allows me to never stop learning about physical, emotional, and cognitive recovery in order to help make a difference in lives of people of all backgrounds on a daily basis for the rest of my career.

UW Bothell gave me the foundation I needed to understand people on a complex level. As I go through my graduate schooling, I am amazed at the overlap of my community psychology undergraduate degree and occupational therapy.

As you are making the decision about your major and ultimately your career path, look at what aspects of life make you excited to be alive. It's different for everyone. Talk to professors you trust and UW Bothell career counselors to brainstorm majors and careers that fit well with what you already love because in my experience it really is true: "If you do what you love, and love what you do then you'll never work a day in your life."

Students interested in OT are welcome to contact me and I'm happy to answer any questions they may have about the profession.



Maresa Black

Community Pysch '11